Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Arab Stereotypes

People have been manipulated by the media into believing what they see in films about Arabs. There has been an Arab stereotype in the West about how they think Arabs are. To a majority of Westerners, an Arab...
  • Lives in a tent in the middle of a vast desert filled with sandstorms.
  • Has ten wives each of which wears a burqa and has ten children.
  • Wears a red keffiyeh and has an uncombed beard from one ear to the next.
  • Goes around his daily life with a suicide vest strapped to his chest.
  • Rides on a decorated but smelly camel from one village to the next.
  • Has wives that go around the tent holding large pots of water on their heads.
  • Lives on nothing but falafel for his breakfast, lunch and supper.
  • Carries a sword on his back or on his waist and uses it to behead people.
  • Has extremist views on killing all the West and burning their bodies.
  • Earns a living by robbing nearby villages late at night.
  • Writes in hieroglyphics and worships large statues of ancient pharaohs.
  • Has a name of "abu" followed by either "abdul", "mohammad", or "mustafa".
  • Come to the west with the only intention of blowing up a crammed bus.
Here's a video from Queen Rania's Youtube channel about Arabs in the west and how people there see them.


  1. LOL atleast thats a comical stereotype, much better than the real stereotype of Arabs living in the US atleast:
    * Owns a supermarket or a gas stations
    * Is a cheat on so many levels, and never pays taxes
    * Never values education for his kids
    * Always bitches about how immoral the west is and how much better the "iliblad" is
    * Doesn't have multiple wives, in that he does it the american way ... mistresses
    * Thinks its ok to cheat the residents of the country because they already have it good enough
    * Writes his tax books in arabic so that the IRA will think its art and won't be able to read it
    * Call Mo in dearborn and you will either have blood shut eyes stairing at you or you'll have dozens turning around trying to figure out if they ever dealt with you
    * Come to the west with the only intention of abusing a system that is to cheat when you don't by in its culture !

  2. bambam: Excellent! Was just thinking of that part, thanks for adding it. :)

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