Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Break In Pictures

The view from Al-qal3a in amman.

We watched alot of films including Seven Pounds and Avatar.

Heating chestnuts on a soobet 3'az.

No holiday is complete without the occasional Facebook and Youtube.

Going to the roman theater for sightseeing.

Watching a football game and eating junk food.

Madloo2ah made by my mother.

Going to Hashem in the balad with my friends.

Home made shawerma made by our friends mother.


  1. nice post! the shawerma looks yummy :)
    please keep updating your blog about once a week?

  2. wow...I am so hungry
    nice post and delicious food!

  3. المصور كتير شاطر..الصور حلوين..حتى لو ماكان في تعليق تحت كل وحده ماكان حيكون في مشكله.. الصور بحكوا لحالهم عن حالهم.. أكتر صورة حبيتها صورة الدي في ديز :D