Monday, December 31, 2007

More About Governmental Hospitals

If you thought your information was safe when it was passed into a government hospital, you thought wrong.

Chances are your records are out on the street inside a huge dumpster overflowing, or being sold to some Nigerian fellows out their so they can open some loans in your name.

I don't think these people have heard of shreding, recycling, even burning. Weren't we supposed to have electronic databases, aren't we nearly in the year 2008?

If you don't know why these should be kept private, read more about Identity Theft on Wikipedia.

Some of these files on the pavement, they aren't even inside the bin. Here are some pictures taken by my friend Kilany.

[Via Tip&Polls]

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Not Another 100th Post

It is at this post that Not Another Blog reaches it's 100th post.

And, as my friend M. Kilany said, like a human's age is measured in years, a blog's age is measured in posts. So, Not Another Blog is officially 100 posts old.

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who commented on my blog. In my opinion, commenting on a blog is like pushing a blogger forward in life and letting him succeed further and excel.

Those people include uncle Bilal, Kinzi, Qwaider, Hani, Moey, Kilany. Not to forget people such as my mum Mona, and my auntie Eman, thank you all.

Edit: And my auntie Wesam too!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Meeting Kinzi

Actually, it's supposed to be meeting Kinzi, Little Angel, Spikekid, Project Boy and History Buff.

Indeed, me and my mum went over to Kinzi's house yesterday. It turned out she lived quite close to us. Google Earth was quite useful when it came to finding the best way to her house! By following the directions she sent to us, we located where the house is & found out the best way for us to come from. Maybe someday technology will get better and we will all start finding peoples homes by Google Earth. Maybe not.

Anyway, Kinzi is a very nice woman and has a great house, which is much tidier than ours, I have to say. I played a bit (actually a few hours, hehe) of Xbox with SK and PB, and I realized how bad I am at playing on the Xbox. I guess I'm used to the PS2's controls. Ah well, I shall show SK my skills on the PS2 whenever he comes over. >:D

Meeting another blogger. How strange it seems that meeting somebody you had never known in reality, turns out to be a great person in the real world.

What have your experiences with other bloggers been like?

Fateh & Hamas Online

Can you belive it? They have both blogs on Wordpress posting about what the other clan has done!

One is called Hamas Gaza, a blog made by Fateh, which posts about the work of Hamas and how horrendous it is and exposing stories about it. Then, another blog opens under the name Fateh Israel, which is the exact opposite of it, made by Hamas people, exposing the horrendous things done by Fateh.

In my opinion, this is a childish war. If you gave a few kids a bunch of guns and told them to make a war, they would be more mature than this. What kind of people make blogs about each other?!

[Via Egyptain Chronicles]

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Card Sent From 'Heaven'

An dead man plays a prank on his friends by arranging with a barber to post festive cards after his death. Wise or cheeky?

A man from the US state of Oregon has stunned friends and relatives by sending them Christmas cards, two months after his own death.

The 34 handwritten cards were sent and signed by Chet Fitch, who died in October aged 88, with "Heaven" given as the return address.

In a message on the cards, Mr Fitch said God had allowed him back to Earth specially to deliver the cards.

But his barber told local media they had planned the ruse together.

Patty Dean, 57, was quoted by the Ashland Daily Tidings newspaper as saying Mr Fitch had approached her with the idea in 1987, saying he wanted to play one last trick on people after his death.

She said he told her a week before his death that she would probably be able to send the cards this year.

[Source: BBC News]

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Paranoid Fathers

Christmas Day, 3PM. My dad comes back home to find his laptop blurting out that it has discovered a virus.

Now normally, any person who finds a virus on his computer would simply scan the computer, destroy the virus and carry on with life. Not my dad.

When he saw that his laptop had a virus, he went berserk. Not only was he naturally paranoid, but add on top that the laptop was a new Sony Vaio costing more than 2500 JDs, you have total mayhem.

"Who used my computer when I wasn't here?!" my dad bellows. Everyone looks at each other nervously. He later finds out that mum was using it to scan her papers. We start reading al-Fateha on my mum's soul. :D

My dad didn't stop there. He started searching the computer, only to find that Paypal's website had been opened a few minutes ago. My dad suspects everything, and even though a virus has nothing to do with Paypal, he started screaming.

D: Who opened Paypal four minutes ago?!
K: Erm, I did. I wanted to check how much-
D: That's it! Paypal gave me a virus!! All because of you, Khaled!!
K: That's impossible, you can't get a virus from-
K: But...
K: Ok, ok.

So now, my dad is going to get us our own scanner, going to lock up his office, and install yet more security software. Ever seen more paranoid people?

Monday, December 24, 2007

I Gave 91 Clicks To Hani?!

According to Google Analytics, my visitors have clicked on Hani's link 91 times! Where is my payment for this advertising?! :D

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Wierd Sister

I have a strange younger sister, she always talks about unusual things, and most of them are pretty gross anyway.

Kinda like when I was very young, I wanted to be a dog when I grew up. So yestarday was her birthday, and we asked her what she would like as a present.

U: "So, what would you like as a present?"
S: "Hmm... I know!"
U: "Ok, but it shouldn't be something expensive..."
S: "It isn't, I want to ask for something."
U: "Go ahead, ask."
S: "I want to never have a shower for the rest of my life!"
U: "Erm, you can't have that."
S: "Ok, ok, I'll only have a shower when we have something important, like a wedding..."
U: "No, you'll have to think of something else..."
S: "Grrrr..."

I told you she was strange! What strange people do you know?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Using Lines To Multiply

Basically, the method is divided into three steps. First you draw a number of lines for each number in your equation, but separating them. Then you count each corner the amount of intersections of lines and note them down, but the middle dots count as one number. Finally, you put the numbers you got together, and that would be the answer to your equation.

You would've understood nothing from what I just said, so watch the video for a much easier explanation of what happens. I think its great for mental maths when you have large numbers.

How about you, what do you think?

Friday, December 21, 2007

I Hate Mall Security Guards

They ruined my Friday night film with my friends, all because I'm a 'shab' and I can't go in the mall.

Instead, I had to wait outside with winds bursting at my face and freezing at 6 degrees. It turned out my friends had come early and had slipped in with one of the boys older brother, then he left. Now I was stuck outside, trying to communicate with them with my mobile.

After being rejected at all the doors of City Mall, including the garage, I called my mum. She came after ten minutes and let me pass through the gates of Mordor, I mean City Mall. After thanking my mum a millions times, she left. All so good.

But no, the evil guards of the horrible mall wouldn't give up so easily. After arguing over the film we were going to watch, we finally settled for one then remembered we hadn't prayed Magrib (yes, we are sheiks). Now we try and find a place to pray in.

Now usually the place would be downstairs, me and another friend go down and start searching for a place. Bad choice. A security check point was right in front of us. My friend dashes up the elevator quickly and makes a run for it. I wasn't so lucky.

Stupid guard refuses to hear my pledges, and sends me out of the mall. Cold and angry, I call my mum and go back home. I'm not going back to a mall again.

How about you, what have your experiences with mall guards been?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Starting Eid In The Bathroom

I shouldn't have eaten that horrible piece of junk on an empty stomach. If I hadn't eaten it, I wouldn't be at home while everyone else was visiting my relatives.

A few minutes of hurling in the bathroom put my first Eid day to a halt. As usual, it all went on the floor of the bathroom, ruining my new jeans and socks. Now usually if someone pukes on the floor someone else would come and clean up. Except this time it was different.

I knew my mum was fed up with cleaning up after me (because it usually comes on the carpet, the sofa, the door, etc), so this time I cleaned up after myself. Kinda like soldiers who have to dig a hole to hurl into it, then cover it up again. Army style puking, eh?

Good old grandmother gave me some tea to drink, so now I feel much better. And now I'm at home alone, but I guess this has its good points. And while I'm on the subject, Eid mubarak to you all non-sick fellas.

Side Note: I haven't been posting much because of final exams, although I'm trying to make up for them this Eid.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The 8-Bit Tie From ThinkGeek

"A few of us monkeys at ThinkGeek had this great shared dream a few months ago. In it, the whole world was 8-Bit, just like the video games we grew up on. We found ourselves having to leap from platform to platform, to search for pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, and to fight scary mutated plants and animals. The music was awesome (and still stuck in our heads) but the coolest part was what we were wearing: a tie. But not just any tie, an 8-Bit tie!

We woke up screaming. An 8-Bit tie - what an awesome way for the drones of Cubeland to show their independence from Corporate America! So, we did what we knew you'd want - we had the ties made. Silk-like Microfiber construction, clip on* (for easy dressing and t-shirt wear if needed), and custom designed by us for you. You'll be the envy of the office or, at least, you'll get tons of attention. You'll be just like Mario when he wore a tie to meetings when negotiating his contact with Nintendo. Sure the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 are out there with all their super technology, but sometimes it's nice to remember the beginnings of the video game revolution. Viva la 8-Bit!"

This looks awesome and very creative, what do you think?

[Via ThinkGeek]

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Ten Days

This golden opportunity is the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah. Allah says in the quran, [And by the ten nights] (Al-Fajr 89:2).

According to most scholars, the 10 days mentioned in that verse refer to the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah. Allah mentions it and swears by it in that verse because of its virtues.

This is strengthened by the hadith: “There are no days during which good deeds are more beloved to Allah than these [ten] days.”

He was then asked, “Not even jihad in the path of Allah?” He replied, “Not even jihad in the path of Allah, except for a person who goes out with his self and his wealth, and comes back with nothing.”

So what good deeds can we do?

Fasting for one. I usually fast the day of Arafa only. But this year I'm going to try to fast as many of the other days as I can. The others include more Quran and helping those in need. With prices rising at the speed of light, many poor people are struggling to find the very basics of daily life: flour, sugar & gasoline.

So hopefully all of us can grab this opportunity for extra rewards. By the way, I hope I don't sound like I'm preaching, because I'm not! It's just a reminder, that's all... ;)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Of Mice And Men

I was never into books, and never liked novels, until I read this book. Our English teacher has a subject called Literature which is basically reading a specified story then answering questions on it based on our understanding of the story.

I thought I should review this story, because I really liked how it showed the age of the American depression from all its views, and how it showed people who stayed in their position till death, while others dreamed and plotted of a better life, and people who changed their current position to higher ranks.

Of Mice And Men talks about two men, one a small and wise character, the other a large disabled man, who both travel together from ranch to ranch trying to earn some money. George, the small character, is a man that has ambitions for a better life by owning a ranch himself, unlike the other ranch workers who had no goals in life.

Lennie, the disabled man who accompanies George, has the dreams and passions of a small child. His obsession with soft things, such as fur or hair, is most of the time the reason he gets into trouble, and even accidental murder at the end of the story. George accompanies him because Lennie's Aunt asks him to, and he also wants to avoid loneliness, a key aspect of the American Depression.

The other characters in the book are as interesting as the rest. They go from the main leaders of the ranch, with high respect in community, while at the same time jealous of the others and wanting to reach higher ranks, to the lowest people in community such as the black man 'Crooks', who is not respected in the ranch because of his color and his looks.

I would recommend this book, which was nominated for four Oscars, to anyone who enjoys reading about the past, and how friendship is always strong to anyone, even to the point of life and death.

Parent Sells His Teenagers Guitar

If you're a son that's desperate for a game for your Wii, then you'd better not be doing anything stupid before you get it.

That includes smoking pot on your garden patio with your friends. Isaac was caught smoking, which then led to his surprise Christmas present to be sold on Ebay. A few days later, it was dugg and everyone knew about it. In the auction, the father writes an account of what happened.

So I spent who knows how many hours of my life trying to get “Guitar Hero 3” for the Nintendo Wii for my 15 year old son who has been begging for it since he was born (well not really but he’s wanted it for awhile). So after waiting in lines and going into every game store in the city over the last 2 weeks (practically being laughed at when I asked for guitar hero 3) I finally got lucky and got one at EB Games (they just got a shipment of them 25 minutes before I walked in!).

So I was so relieved in that I had finally got the Holy Grail of Xmas presents pretty much just in the nick of time. I couldn’t wait to spread the jubilance to my son.

Then, yesterday, I came home from work early and what to I find? My innocent little boy smoking pot in the backyard with 2 of his delinquent friends.

Now I know santa applies the “naughty or nice” paradigm to determine who gets what on Christmas. My son (Isaac) hasn’t exactly been Mother Teresa this year (he got suspended for fighting in the spring, among other things) but I thought I could still justify getting him this present. Maybe it would make him stay home more and “rock out” on this fake guitar thing. He pretty much spends all his free time at his friend’s house playing it anyways (while high on marijuana, I would imagine).

Anyways, I am now finding it hard to justify rewarding him with this gift after he so greatly disappointed me. I know smoking a joint isn’t the end of the world, but if you can convince me that he deserves the gift, then I will end the auction. You will have to be very convincing. I am an elementary school teacher and I know that rewarding bad behavior is just asking for more of the same…

After I caught him getting high on my patio I did the typical yelling, screaming, kicking out the friends, etc… but I had not decided on a suitable way to punish him. As of the time of me writing this, he does not know I got him Guitar Hero 3. I will show him the auction once it is posted and we can watch it finish together. Sort of a “Father-Son bonding experience”. While I doubt this will keep him from ever smoking pot again, I think it will make him think twice before doing illegal (well I think pot is still illegal in Canada) drugs on my property.

I am still considering getting him a game for his Nintendo. Maybe something like Barbie as the Island Princess or Dancing With the Stars. These games are in stock everywhere I go, and I know he will just love them.

Merry Xmas Isaac. I hope you’ve learned your lesson. –Father.

[Sources: From Digg, to Gaming Today, to Ebay]

Thursday, December 6, 2007

School Is Not Easy

If only dreams could come true. If only I could wish for something and it comes true. One of those things would be that school would become a bit easier. A bit less stressfull. I have solved alot of the problems I have had, but a lot still stay without possible solutions.

One of these problems is the most annoying one. When I don't have a pen (a decent one not a biro pen which looks horrible) I'd have to borrow one from my friend. My friend Hussien usually only has a few spare pens to write with, so I end up writing with a blunt unsharpened pencil. The text is hard to read when exam time comes, and I'd usually get notes on pages from the teachers, saying I need to write in pen, or the mark on the report wouldn't look too good. This problem has been solved by getting myself one blue, and one red pen. Knowing myself, I can guess how long these will last before they're broken or get lost.

The other problem is the teacher's lack of humor. So what if I talk too much in class, and I know this never bothers you or 'distracts other students' like you say, so why do you keep telling me to stop talking? Eft. And so what if I started making sheep sounds in the middle of class? Or why does it bother you so much when I "don't put up my hand" before I answer? Why am I always called 'the class clown' from every teacher in every parents meeting, just because I am 'na3'eesh number one' like my Maths teacher calls me? Ha3 3alay ba7awel ade7ekkom, eft.

Another problem is how teachers are so strict about your book and notebook, to the point they make you burst. If I draw a drawing or sketch in my book, I get a extra long note from my English teacher. If I write something in my notebook rather than in my book I get a bad mark on my report, as well as a book full of red pen markings.

Why do mobiles have to be taken from you? Even if I've turned it off and put it in my pocket they'll still search you and take them. When they do that, we all start frantically hiding things in everywhere possible - in a tissue box, inside the bin, on top of the curtains, behind the radiator, in your socks. Anything taken will never come back, so you'd better hide your belongings unless you want to throw away two hundred dinars.

I wonder what college will be like. >:(

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Memory Of A Fish

A fish can remember things said in the past five seconds only. Khaled Sharif might remember things said in the past five seconds only.

So, if you were a fish, you would've forgotten what I had just said. This phrase is very easily put on me. I can't remember anything at all! In fact, I am so bad at remembering things, my dad even got me a t-shirt last summer that had that slogan. It causes me endless problems and is very embarrassing.

Sometimes my dad asks me to get something from the kitchen. I get there, and I can't remember why I came to the kitchen in the first place. I then get endless lectures about how I am stupid and forget everything, as well as how I will be a failure if I keep forgetting things. I nod my head, and learn nothing. Comes in from one ear, comes straight out of the other.

The real problem however is school stuff. I just can't escape stuff that needs to be memorised, such as Biology or Chemistry, but the really horrible subjects are Arabic or Geography. Something such as memorising the first four lines of a poem can turn into a traumatic experience. I go home, play on the computer or Playstation for five hours, then remember I have to recite the poem tomorrow. I begin to sweat and panic.

My mum gets angry when I tell her, because she knows she will be in double the pain when she tries to make me memorise something. She gets even more mad with me for not concentrating or playing with something else when I'm trying to memorise. She almost explodes when I struggle to finish the first part of the poem with sixty mistakes. But my poor old mum never gives up. :)

The toughest part is memorising Quran, which is the hardest thing ever to memorise. My after school club that teaches Quran know I'm a 'special needs' boy, because I'm the only one who struggles to learn one page every two weeks. Everyone else learns at least two pages a week, which is the minimum, but I always go below the minimum when it comes to memorising.

Something like Surat Al-Anfal is the maximum of hard for me. I began with it from the start of the club, and as about 3 months have past I've only learnt the first four pages. I've even got the verse on my mobile and I read over and over again, but each page takes me two weeks to learn, sometimes even more. The Quran teacher reads the list of the week, and its always the same thing...

"OK, Ali has learnt 6 pages, mashaAllah, you are excellent. Omar has learnt three pages, very good, if only you could make it four pages then that would be even better. [Silence as he reaches my name] And, erm, Khaled has learnt... erm... we'll come back to him."

Don't blame me, blame the fish I bought my brain from! What about the reader, do you have a memory of a fish?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I Will Not Cut My Hair

I am fed up with barbers in Jordan, I am not going to cut my hair under any circumstance. My mum says that my hair is too long, but I'm not going back to that horrible shop again.

The barber shop is filled with evil nutters, that have no idea what they are doing and take money for ruining your hair. I always get the fat hair cutter, who is the worst of the three devils. This man manages to smoke, watch half naked women dancing on TV, chat with his friends, talk on his mobile phone, and 'cut' my hair.

I use the verb 'cut' to mean just that: cut. Not styling, grooming, trimming or making the hair look nicer. No. Just cut. And I have to pay money for that? No way. Not any more.

Last time was the last straw. I went with my brother a few days before school start. Omar got the barber who owns the shop, he's half decent. While I got the fat one, the worst one. I sat on the chair and I get the usual barking question I always get.

"How do you want me to cut your hair?" he barks.
"Erm, a little shorter please." I reply.
"I don't have 'a little shorter', I only have 1 or 2. Which one?" he barks back.
"What does 2 mean?" I ask, puzzled.
"Ok, I'll do 2.", and he begins.

Cut, snip, cut, snip. A few seconds later I find myself nearly bald, each hair is barely showing. I look at the mirror, trying to wish I was in a nightmare. I can see my mum and sister laughing at me from the car outside.

And that is why I will never go back to that haircutter again. What have your experiences with haircutters been?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One Laptop Per Child

Left: Professor Nicholas Negroponte, a man behind the idea of a $100 laptop
Right: The laptop being tried out in a school in a developing country

The man has a conscience and that's why he felt he had to do something to help the children in the poor countries of the world catch up with their peers in the developed world. How on earth are their countries going to move forward if they can't afford the very basics of modern technology?

I think this is such an inspired idea & I really hope it will be successful & spread though out the world. But it seems some people don't share this vision. The mega rich companies Microsoft & Intel are not 'convinced' that the project is good enough!

Microsoft's chairman, Bill Gates, has questioned the need for the Linux-based laptop and doubted the suitability of Negroponte's OLPC concept for the developing world.

Anyway, as I said I think this is a great idea & it's been piloted in a few schools around the world, so hopefully we'll see it in action soon.

$100 laptop founder saying he ignores the critisim

The laptop itself is designed specially for its purpose. It's lighter than a lunchbox, and about the size of a textbox. The stylus is huge, the keyboard is from rubber, and contains no toxic materials. You can charge the laptop not just by the mains, but by solar panels or by cranking it up. About one minute of cranking will give you about ten minutes of computer activity. It's designed to withstand wear and tear, so the machine's body is 2mm thick, which is more than the standard for laptops.


In order to keep this laptop as cheap as possible, and as close to the $100 target, the XO laptop is a lot different from ordinary desktops and laptops. This computer has no CD, DVD or even a hard drive. Instead, it uses a 1GB flash memory drive to run on, as well as a few USB slots in case of external data. It uses a 433mHz AMD processor, and only 256MB of SDRAM (memory).

The memory can be expanded using an SD memory card slot underneath the screen or by plugging in peripheral devices through the USB ports. Files can also be backed up on to a "school server" - a larger computer installed in a classroom - or via an online system provided by search giant Google.
The off-the-shelf processor is designed to be energy efficient. Unlike a standard chip, which remains active even when nothing changes on screen, the AMD processor is able to shut itself down, only waking when it is needed. It has an inbuilt graphics card.

Not only does the laptop support regular wireless network, but it also supports mesh network. This means you can turn on your computer and automatically see and connect to anyone who has a similar laptop. This would allow sharing documents, video conferencing (think of a teacher finally able to talk to illiterate parents face-to-face) and is extremely well suited for class (or village environment). Furthermore, if even one computer in the mesh connects to the internet, the rest can share that connection. The more laptops connected, the better the bandwidth.

The laptops are "a blessing from God", says Mrs Okonkwo, the school headteacher.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Why Household Hacker Is a Liar

If you think that anything these nutters at Household Hacker is true, then you are mentally disordered. Worse yet, if you try to do one of their experiments and regret what you just did, then you should jump off a cliff now to end your misery.

In this post, I'm going to explain why two videos (the most popular ones, by the way), are absolute fakes. These two are "Power Your TV With An AAA Battery", and "Charge Your Ipod With An Onion".

Case Number 1: Power Your TV with an AAA Battery

This one was obviously a fake from the beginning. Its impossible, even logically, to believe a TV would run on 1.5V, when it originally runs on 110V - 240V. This video is fake for 3 reasons...

1) 1.5V doesn't equal 240V, and it will never equal 240V. Even if we used a device that controls voltage, 1.5V AC won't work (duh!), as I tried so in the picture below.

2) A TV works on AC, or Alternating Current, which comes from your mains plug. A battery is DC, or Direct Current, which won't work with a TV. This is because DC only flows in one direction, whereas AC flows in both directions.

3) A battery does not have enough amps to run a TV. A TV needs about 200 watts. If W = C x V, then the equation would become 200W = 0.91A x 220V, and we'd need 0.91 amps to run a TV. A battery's amps are usually in milliampere, or 1/1000 of an amp. Via Qwaider...

[...] And finally the TV needs about 200watts (That's called power) Power is calculated as: current x voltage. So to achieve 200Watts you will need 220v*0.91a(amper)=200w
usually the current of the battery is in the Milli amper. Or 1/1000 of an Amper.

Conclusion: Fake.

Case Number 2: Charge Your Ipod With An Onion

This, by its name, seemed a bit true. When I actually saw the video, I completely changed my mind. The most thing I laughed at was how he pushed the USB in, how stupid is that? This is a fake, for 2 reasons...

1) You can't just stick a USB into an onion to get power. Law says that if you want to extract power from anything, you need two different metals. The most commonly used are zinc and copper, as seen in the picture below. Just sticking in a USB plug into a onion isn't going to get you any power, because a USB plug doesn't contain two different metals, unless I'm wrong. A user on Gizmodo commented:

Any sort of primary cell (i.e. not chargeable) and many secondary cells require that the two electrodes be different materials (e.g. carbon/zinc, copper/zinc, nickel/cadmium, etc). The only thing being used to connect the onion to the iPod is the USB plug, presumably with the plug contacts being the electrodes. All of the plug contacts will be the same material.

2) It was tested to see if it let out any voltage, by a user on Youtube called Razorfish. Unfortunately, he has embedding disabled so click on the picture below to see the video. The voltage measured from an onion was 0.005V, which is negligible. Therefore, an onion with a USB stuck in it and dipped in a drink does not charge your Ipod.

Conclusion: Fake.

Now you see how any old crap on the internet can find its way, because the users on Youtube/Metacafe are idiots. Well, most of them. :D

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Best. Treehouse. Ever.

Tree houses are not the normal, small wooden things stuck up in trees by a few nails. They are now coming into the 21st century, becoming buildings and homes themselves. Architects have discovered the beauty of tree houses and have decided to expand them. This one has become a huge, 3 storey tree house, with normal flooring you'd see in any home and 'outdoor' lights. The actual trees go through the flooring rather than around them, so the floors have holes with trees coming through them. The walls vary in transparency, letting some light in and some out. The house doesn't contain just wood, but windows and lights and other things as well. Beautiful!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Making Use Of Those CD Covers

Click on image to enlarge [1586 x 2048]

Now that I used a case to store all my Playstation CDs, the covers in the sandwich bags they come in have to be thrown away. Instead, I collected them, did a bit of snipping and cello taping, and this was the result. Some of the games were a bit old and their covers had been thrown away, so I had to download and print them off a great CD cover site on the Internet. I intend to carry on the list until this side of the cupboard is finished, and if I get even more... well, I'll see what will happen when that time comes. By the way, I got all these games in Eid, as me and my brother Omar spent all our money in the CD shop. We never save up, which is a stupid habit we have. :D

What do you think?

Five Likes & Dislikes About Jordan

Having lived here for over two years now, I've decided to compose this list... just for fun (I haven't written everything)

Things I Like About Jordan:

  1. Relatives: well, we didn't have any in London! (except for my dad's cousin)
  2. Cheap copies of DVDs, CDs & PS2 games
  3. Much bigger house (don't have to share my room with my sister anymore! OK, so I still have to put up with Omar, but I'll think of a way to get rid of him soon)
  4. Friends at my new school
  5. Eid
Things I hate about Jordan:
  1. Taxi Drivers. (you must see this post :D)
  2. People who come to the mosque without washing or changing their 5day old socks or brushing their teeth. Have mercy on us PLEASE!
  3. Exams! >:(
  4. The weather: too hot in the summer, too cold now
  5. Internet speed: lucky people in the UK get 8 MB while I have to put up with snail paced 128 KB

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ready To Try Firefox 3?

I always check my Digg RSS feed, and today I was surprised to find Mozilla Firefox 3 had been released, as a beta of course. And if you thought I wouldn't try it immediately, then you defiantly wouldn't be thinking about Khaled.

This new version is actually better than I thought, lots of things in Firefox have been changed, updated, and some new things have been added. If you want to see the full list of all the new stuff in Firefox 3, (also know as Release Notes), click here. I'll take you through most of the good stuff now though.

- See A Websites Information: Click on a websites favicon to view info about it, although it isn't functioning yet.

- Malware & Forgery Protection: Any website from a list of suspected websites is blocked, and the suspects usually contain malware or web forgeries.

- Password Saving Easier: The choice to remember a password is now less annoying, as it appears underneath the tabs.

- Scan Your Downloaded Files: You can now integrate any virus software with Firefox so it will scan downloaded files.

- Automatic Spell Checker: All fields are now checked for misspellings (somewhat like MS Word) so you'll never get another word wrong.

- Save Your Opened Tabs: The original warning about closing multiple tabs has been replaced with a box to save your opened tabs.

- New, Better Downloader: Firefox's original download manager has a new look, as well as the ability to resume downloads after FF restarts.

- Zoom More Objects: The old zoom has been modified, so it now makes not just text, but images and layout larger or smaller.

- Bookmarker Changes: The bookmarks organiser has a new look, as well as the ability to add tags to your bookmarks and bookmark any page with 1-click.

USB 3.0, Coming In 2009

If you thought USB 2 was fast enough, meet USB 3. In 2009, the third edition to the cable series will enter the world, 10 times faster and with better power efficiency. All hail the mighty 4.8 GB/s your USB 3 will offer you.

Well, USB fans, things are going to get even more interesting and soon. USB 2.0 may be fast enough right now, but with more high-definition video products arriving and bigger and bigger files being transferred, that won't be the case forever. Enter USB 3.0, which moves the bandwidth needle from 480Mbps to roughly 4.8Gbps, 10 times faster than the current version.

The new standard, which was recently demonstrated using a new optical cable (but the same connector), will be backward compatible with older USB formats and promises better power efficiency, too, in order to decrease the load on portable devices. Possibly in the works: Better ability to charge devices over USB, some of which still require an A/C adapter or two USB connections to draw enough juice.

Specs are planned to be delivered early next year with commercial availability for 2009. Just do us a favor and clearly label USB 3.0 products with an appropriate logo this time! (USB 2.0 got caught up in a mini scandal when vendors started labeling USB 1.1 products as "USB 2.0 capable," with vendors later claiming they only meant the products worked with USB 2.0 connections. Fail!)


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fadaye7 Facebook

I overhear a conversation with two boys on my bus, just after one boy (V) realises the other one (B) took a picture of him when he wasn't noticing.

V: Hey, why did you take a picture of me?
B: To ifda7 you, on a website.
V: No, not... Facebook?!
B: Maybe.
V: No, please! Don't put it on Facebook!
B: Oh yes I will.
V: Ok, ok. You can put it, but on one condition...
B: What?
V: Don't tag me! Please!
B: Why shouldn't I tag you?
V: So all my friends won't find out! Please!
B: I'll consider it... I'm going to tag you!

And thats the meaning of facebook in our school. :D

Friday, November 16, 2007

Two Schools, Two Worlds

My first day at school in Jordan was horrible. In my mind,I had compared it to schools in London and thought they would be the same. Foolish assumptions. I had mostly enjoyed Jordan because I only came in summer, and at that time there was no school and I assumed that being in school would be the same.

I was shocked at how old fashioned the classes were. You see, in my school in London, our classroom had a projector & an "interactive white board". This school had chalk boards, and even worse than that, the teachers were angry all the time & just shouted at us. And the teachers were a whole other story.

The following days were no better. I was made to read in front of the class, then laughed at by the students and teacher, even though my mum had told the teachers over & over that my Arabic wasn't that good. I was sent out of the class once because I hadn't done my homework, even though I had told him I didn't know what I had to do. After crying my eyes out at the head teacher's office, they finally let me go.

At exam times I would study for days & my mum would get very angry with me for not remembering a word that the teacher said in class. The exam time would come and I'd start panicking when I saw the paper, full of definitions to fill in and lists to complete. After all the sweat I put in, the absolute maximum I would reach was 15, and sometimes I'd fail in the subject.

In London I was always in the top group in class. We also didn't get tested in stuff that we had to memorize! We did have tests, but they were only at the end of the school year & were meant to test our understanding of the topics.

Then there was the 'shahada', the monthly torment. The torment that came after it was at my grandmothers house.

"How much did you get, Khaled?" my grandmother would ask.
"Ummmm....ummmm.....82%" I would whisper.
"82%?!?! WHAT???!!!"

Gasps & shock appear on every body's face like I said a bad word. They were followed by scowls and 'advice', and my parents would wish they had a secret trapdoor button to quickly get out of sight.

Finally, I transferred to another school to study the British Curriculum (IGCSE), where the teachers are more human like! I'm doing so much better & most importantly, I am enjoying school again & feel like I am learning something. And the best thing: my grandmother has recovered from her previous trauma & is happy with my marks again :)

Hip hip, Hooray!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Desk, My Little Home

My cozy home, where I sit at every day, I do my homework, talk to my friends and relatives, surf the web, read a book.

On my desk, there lives an old emachines computer, outdated and only good for surfing or word proccessing. In the back you can see all my For Dummies books, with my Eyetoy camera turned into a webcam. Next to the cam is the dumpyard for electronics, and on the left of the camera there lies all my dictionaries, my penguin, my deodrant. And if you look closely ontop of my computer, you can spot the charger I talked about earlier on. :D

You like it?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Something Like Cinnabon

By my great mum, Mona :D

--Mix the following in a saucepan until butter is melted:
  • 100g butter
  • 1 cup water (250ml)
  • 8 tablespoons honey
  • 4 tablespoons yogurt

--Add warm mixture to the following:
  • 6 tablespoons milk powder
  • 6 cups flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons yeast
  • Pinch of salt

--Mix well & knead gently. Leave dough to rise for 40-50 min

--Divide dough into 2 balls. Roll each into a rectangle shape & spread with the following:
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • 2 tablespoons cinnamon
  • 4 tablespoons sugar

--Roll rectangle & cut with a sharp knife

--Arrange on a buttered baking tray & bake for 20 min (205 c)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quicker PC Startup

A computer's startup is largely affected by the number of programs that launch on startup, and most of these programs aren't needed. You can easily change which programs will launch on startup, using a utility called msconfig.

Go ahead and press Start, Run. Type in msconfig and press enter.

Then, select the tab Startup. Here you can see all the programs that launch at startup.

From here, you can simply uncheck your unwanted programs. Things like Yahoo Messenger don't really need to be there, whereas you might want to keep Skype open to receive calls.

If you are unsure of something, expand the 'command' tab and you'll see where the file exists. And don't uncheck any system files, please.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Electricity In Our Phone Line!

It might be true, I have to try it. Free electricity seems cool, even though I don't think Jordan Telecom would like it, but who cares about their feelings? :D

I think the equipment can be bought from RadioShack, but I'll have to wait till my dad comes back from holiday, because I can't understand the diagram. I'm sure he will.

What do you think? Will it work in Jordan? And will you be willing to try it?

9th November, And Other Days

Bombs In Jordan

Two years ago on this date 3 hotels were targeted by suicide bombers causing the death of many innocent people. We'd only been living in Jordan for 3 months then, so I really didn't know were the hotels where and how close or far they were from our house. The following day there was no school, but when we returned school was bustling with gossip of what had happened, and because the Iraqis were blamed for the bombings, any Iraqi boy at school was laughed at and discriminated against. That day I remembered quite alot of other bombings, and I am posting to tell them to you.

Explosions In London

The incident brought back memories of the London bus & train bombings the year before. I was in 6th Grade at the time & our headteacher came to the class & said that everything was alright, except that people going home by bus had to contact their parents. Many innocent people died on that day, including Muslims. All days later were frightening, and whenever I got onto a bus or train, I was always terrified. I really hope that a day will come when we all feel safe in our houses & schools, but I guess that day will never come.

Gunfire In Palestine

I was in Nablus visiting my grandmother 3 years ago. I went with my uncle to his office, which was in the heart of the city, also know as 'al-Balad'. People who have visited the place know that its the most place gunfire is likely to be. I looked from the balcony, down onto the street which was supposed to be full and bustling with life. Instead I saw shop owners throwing, and I mean throwing, everything back into the shop. Cloth racks were crammed inside the shop and containers of clothes were hurled inside. At first I thought the guy was closing, but then I saw everyone on the street doing the same thing. The shop owners then got inside their shops and locked up. I asked my uncle what was happening, and he said that the army is coming. He seemed so normal saying that, I started shaking. A few minutes later, quite immense gunfire sounded. It was like on TV, just much louder. Sound bombs followed, then silence, then more gunfire and sound bombs. At the end of what seemed years, we left the building and went back home.

That's all I have about my experience with terror, but I think that's more than enough! Now, tell me about your experiences and comment!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My First Try At Modding

Well, after watching this video I decided to have a go myself. The steps seemed really simple, and I couldn't wait to make it. I found an old, unused webcam as a USB cable, then I got a normal Nokia Charger to fix it on.

I cut both cables, so now only the USB plug was from the camera and the mobile plug from the charger. I stripped both wires, and I have to stress it was a hard job. Stripping wires is terribly stressful and annoying.

At last I had both wires stripped, and the inside wires stripped as well. The charger cable had two wires, one red and one black. The camera one had one red, one black, one green, and one white one.

According to the video, the red and black ones were the electricity ones, while the green and white ones were the info parts for the USB (send/receive data). I checked the voltage of the wires, while plugged in to the computer, using my dad's voltmeter.

It read 5.05 volts, which was the usual for USB, so I knew I was on the right tracks. The next step was to join the wires together, in the video the guy soldered them, but I don't have a solder so I just twisted them over each other.

I went ahead, and taped over the uncovered wire, then tested it. A huge warning sign screamed into my face, saying "Not Charging". I resisted the urge to break the mobile and smash it into smithereens. I felt stupid, so I started trying several different mobiles.

Most gave the same message, and I wondered why. Usually the message comes up when there is not enough voltage to charge, so I looked on the back of the charger. The output was 5.7V, and I wondered why mobiles were so fussy about 0.7V! Does it really matter?

Anyway, the charger worked on my mobile, the great Nokia N70. I have no idea why it was the only one that worked, maybe because the N series is special or something. I will try to test it on my dad's N73 and see what happens.

Now a question to the audience. Have you ever tried modding something and how did it end up? I'd like to hear from you. :D

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007

To Aqaba, And Back!

Went on Friday, came back Saturday. [pictures in a later post]

-- In the car, Friday

We all packed our stuff, which actually fitted in one suitcase. We then got in our Kia Carens, our great 7-seater car, and off we went on a 3 hour drive. I kept day dreaming all the way of the small TVs that fit into the car, and how you could attach the PS2 to them. Ah, bliss. We stopped half way to climb some mountains and move our legs a little bit. Took a few photos then we sped off to Aqaba.

-- At the hotel, Friday

We took half an hour trying to find the hotel, then we found it. Our rooms where not ready yet so my dad sat down & as usual started working on his laptop & found a signal from the hotel which you can use free of charge. I thought of blogging from the hotel about the trip, but I was too busy. Sorry lol.

-- In our room, Friday

I started unpacking, then looked around the room. The mini bar, that awful suction of money, was there. The bathroom was OK, even though the smell at first was nasty. The balcony had nice views of some mountains in the back, although at night the restraunt nearby played horrible music even late at night when I was trying to watch Half past dead on MBC Action. >:D Anyway, I took out the PS2 & plugged it in to the horribly old TV. I can't live without my PlayStation! I played for a bit then it was time to eat.

-- In Ali Baba, Friday

My parents said that Ali baba was a popular place even though i did not find it totally tasty. The fish was quite good even though nobody in Jordan has deep fried fish like I want it. I also had to take Rawhi outside & entertain him (i.e Chase him in a busy street while oldies drinking Argeeleh laughed). Meanwhile, my brother (second after me) Omar was busy inside plucking the fish's eyeballs out!! More about Omar in another post.

-- On the beach, Friday night

After the restaurant we went for a walk on the beach. It was crowded with people who were sitting on plastic chairs watching football on big screens. We kept walking until we found an "almost" empty spot & we played for a bit. The beach was full of stones & hard to walk on but the water was cool & nice. Some people took their plastic chairs to the water & just sat there!! We stayed for a bit then walked back to the hotel & bought some chocolate on the way :)

-- Southern beach, Saturday

We had a great breakfast served by the hotel, then drove to a further beach that was apparently much better than the one we went to yesterday. It was much better, and this time the sun had come out and the water was quite warm. Even though the sand was full of cigarettes and glass, the water was great. We bought young Rawhi a float, and while we were at sea, his float turned upside down and he started to drown. I quickly came to rescue poor Rawhi, but he refused to go back into the water again.

-- Flooka Restaurant, Saturday

This was our last stop, this place's fish was better than Ali Babas fish, in my opinion. All the family disagreed but I liked the fillet with the sauce that came with it. I will stick with my opinion. We then went straight to the car, because the hotel didn't want us anymore (how dare they?!). This time we didn't stop, kept going till we went home, then went to bed immediatly. :(

All in all I liked the trip. Good experience to visit Aqaba for the first time. What was your opinion of Aqaba?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Explaining Govermental Schools

I'm trying to explain to my friend why govermental schools here are so much different than the ones in UK.

S: but its TERRIBLY HARD to get less than 50%
S: i mean you'd have to be mentally disordered... or in a gov school
B: gov school?
S: govermental schools are horrible here
B: why?
S: because they are free the teachers and everything is really bad
B: oh i see
S: like the students are gangsters and the teachers are school drop-outs
S: lol
B: well i go to a public school
S: because in UK public schools are good
S: the goverment is strong and can fund their schools properly
B: yeah

Sunday, October 28, 2007

One More Dabsheh (II)

Ten Ways To Liven Up A Meeting

1 Stand up and act indignant. Demand that the boss tell you the 'real' reason this meeting has been called.

2 Spill coffee on the conference table. Produce a little paper boat and sail it down the table.

3 Stay behind as everyone else, including the boss, leaves. Thank them for coming.

4 Give a broad wink to someone else at the table. In time, wink at everyone. Sometimes shake your head just a little, as if to indicate that the speaker is slightly crazy and everybody knows it.

5 Arrange to have a poorly-dressed young woman with an infant quietly enter the meeting, stare directly at the (male) speaker for a while, burst into tears, then leave the room.

6 Bring a hand puppet, preferably an animal. Ask it to clarify difficult points.

7 When there is a call for questions, lean back in your chair, prop your feet up on the table, smile contentedly, and say, "Well, here's the way I see it, J.B..." (or any other impressive-sounding initials that are not actually your boss's.)

8 Complain loudly that your neighbour won't stop annoying you. Demand that the boss make him/her stop doing it.

9 Bring a small mountain of computer printouts to the meeting. If possible, include some old-fashioned fanfold paper for dramatic effect. Every time the speaker makes a point, pretend to check it in one of the printouts. Pretend to find substantiating evidence there. Nod vigorously, and say "uh-huh, uh-huh!"

10 Just leave the meeting...

A Missing Verse From The Quran?!

Have you ever heard of Surat Al-Muslimoon?

Our Friday prayer Imam told us this Friday about how people are trying to change the Quran, and about his findings on the Internet. He found very strange 'verses' from the Quran, that were obviously not from it. He read to us Surat Al-Muslimoon (Verse of the Muslims), and warned us that new comers to Islam would really think this was a missing verse and believe these lies.

And so I went home, got on the computer, and ran a search on Google for "سورة المسلمون". I found it, our Imam was telling the truth. The Google search also found a member in a forum that actually believes this verse is a missing one from the Quran. Here is the verse, what do you think of this gibberish?

(1) الصم (2) قُل يا أَيُها الْمُسلِمُونَ إنَكُم لفي ضَلالٍ بَعِيد (3) إنَّ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ بِاللّهِ ومسيحهِ لَهُمْ فِي الآَخِرَةِ نَارُ جَهَنّمَ وعَذَابٌ شَدِيدٌ (4) وجوهٌ يومئذٍ صاغرةٌ مكفهرةٌ تلتمسُ عفوَ اللهِ واللهُ يفعلُ ما يريد (5) يومَ يقولُ الرحمنُ يا عبادي قد أنعمتُ على الذينَ من قبلِكم بالهدى منزّلاً في التوراةِ والإنجيل (6) فما كان لكم أن تكفروا بما أنزلتُ وتضلوا سَوَاء السبيل (7) قالوا ربنا ما ضَلَلْنا أنفُسنا بل أضلنا مَنْ ادّعى أنه من المرسلين (8) وإذ قالَ اللهُ يا محمد أغويتَ عبادي وجعلتهُم من الكافرين (9) قالَ ربِّي إنما أغوانيَ الشيطانُ إنهُ كانَ لبني آدمَ أعظمَ المفسدين (10) ربي اعْفُ عني واغفرْ لي واقبلني معَ التائبين (11) إني بمسيحِكَ لَمُؤمنٌ وإني لَهُ لَساجدٌ مع الساجدين (12) ويغفرُ اللهُ للذين تابوا مِمَّن أغواهُمُ الإنسانُ ويبعثُ بمحمدٍ إذ كانَ للشيطانِ نصيراً إلى جهنّم وبئسَ المصير (13) وإذ قضى اللهُ أمراً فإنه أعلمُ بما يقضي وقضى وهو على كلِّ شيءٍ قدير.

[Source] - Sidenote: I only pasted this verse for you to see it straight from here, not that I actually believe this stupidity. Please do not misunderstand.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Not Another 'Blog About Bloggers' Post

Dun dun dun. Today is the day of the day of talking about the day you blog about bloggers that blog. Also known as "I am Blogging about my Favorite Blogger day", source. It would be '3eb' to let this day pass without joining everyone in their, erm, thing. So, I'm joining.

Now, naturally, the 'thing' is called Blog about your favorite Blogger, not bloggers. But, as everyone else has done, we break the rules so everyone can be happy and nobody is left out. And, I don't have one person in mind, I have quite alot, so that's another excuse to break the rules. Or, as a child would say, Kinzi and Nas have already broken them. Waah!

So, lets get on with this and have this finished. I'll say each person and what they're are nominated for. Anyway, behind door number one is...

-- 1. Bakkouz, Bakkouz - for his interesting posts.
I have always liked the content of Bakkouz's posts, he always puts posts that I enjoy reading, such as pictures from Google Earth or sound bombs.
Featured Post: The Devil Lives In Jordan!?

-- 2. Roba, And Far Away - for her creativity.
I have never seen anyone more creative in posts and photos than Roba. And I love her designs. Her posts are anywhere from talking about Jordan to a group of photos.
Featured Post: Another Urban Review

--3. Naseem, Black Iris - for his writing.
Nas is a great writer, he can write and write huge posts fit for magazines, and he is still quite frequent. I struggle to pick a suitable title.
Featured Post: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Eid

--4. Hani, HANI 101 - for his leap into the blogosphere.
I was surprised at how Hani began his blog with such huge power and fame. You'd expect visitors to a new blog come as a slope, Hani 101 was high at the beginning.
Featured Post: Falling off the Wagon

--5. Kinzi, My Treasure - for showing how blogging is for everyone.
Being a mother that blogs is a great achievement. I have begged my mother to blog so many times that I have given up. To find the time to write long, interesting posts is a goal achieved.
Featured Post: Squabbling Children

And to finish off, I would like to thank everyone else I left out.

Special thanks to my great uncle Bilal who brought me into the blogging world and always gave me tips in blogging. If only he blogged a bit more often. And I would like to thank the boy named Khaled Sharif, for writing the longest post yet in his blog.

You may now leave your comments. You're allowed to, you know.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Under the Weather

I left the bed after a three day battle with stomach virus. I am sorry for not feeding you with posts. I am sure you are all hungry, but things will change and food will come. Be optimistic!
side note: I haven't forgotten to nominate my favourite blogger and I will be writing about him/her tomorrow.

Healthy Falafel (Minus Motor Oil)

This recipe takes a BIT OF TIME, but it's a large quantity so it can be frozen in batches & used when needed or craved :-)

  • 1 kilo dried chickpeas (soaked in plenty of water for 12 hours minimum)
  • 1 bunch of fresh coriander
  • 1 bunch of fresh parsley
  • 1 onion (quartered)
  • 1 tablespoon of cumin
  • 1 tablespoon of dried coriander seeds

Drain the chickpeas well & whiz in a food processor in batches then put aside
Whiz the fresh coriander , parsley & onion until mixed well
Mix crushed chickpeas & green stuff well by hand then whiz again in the food processor
Mix one more time & put again the food processor until the mixture is smooth & even in colour
Add spices & mix well
Divide in freezer bags & freeze
When needed, thaw for 2 hours, add desired amount of salt & 1/4 teaspoon of baking Soda & mix well. Leave for 15 minutes then shape into balls & deep fry in HOT vegetable oil

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm Only Asking For An Hour

The worldwide launch of the latest Harry Potter is provoking religious controversy in Israel.

Bookstores will be opening on the Sabbath, the Jewish holy day, to sell the final instalment to eager fans.

Most shops are normally closed for trade on the Sabbath, which runs from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

Religious politicians are accusing the bookstores of putting profits ahead of religious sensitivities for agreeing to open their shops.

The Israeli Industry and Trade Minister, Eli Yishai, has threatened to fine any store that opens on Saturday.

Israeli law forbids businesses to force their employees to work on the Sabbath.

Forget the main topic, it is irrelevant. See the part where it says about fines and politics.

It is quite sad to see how Israel works very hard to put its religion into order. Sabbath is a day in which all shops must close, due to the day's religious meanings of "the day of rest". They take religious matters like these seriously. Punishments are put for those who force workers to work on Sabbath.

"The Sabbath (or Sabbat) is a weekly day of rest and/or worship that is observed in the Judeo-Christian faiths. The term derives from the Hebrew shavat, "(to) rest". It originates from the biblical account of the last day of creation, and was repeated as part of the Ten Commandments. A number of other religions have a similar practice, and the term has also been imported into secular usage."

Switch to the Arab view. The only time in the whole week that you are not allowed to trade is the hour of prayer on Friday. This is a law in Islam, not a law by the country of Jordan. Nothing puts this law into place even though Jordan is an Islamic country. And even if this law was taken into force, you would see policemen bribed, shops "half-open", people "not-really-working"...

Its only a hour!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Your Latest Murder From The UK

The UK is begining to become a very scary place for young people. I remember when I was in London, I couldn't leave the house by myself. The streets weren't safe, and if you wanted to go to the local cornershop, you'd have to go with your parents. And the cornershops are another story - they are littered with school skippers, their heads covered with hoods and thier blood full of drugs and smoke. And your latest murder...

Murder squad detectives have revealed that a 16-year-old boy killed in a South Yorkshire playground had been shot in the head.

The boy's body was found at a recreation area on Nottingham Cliff in the Burngreave area of Sheffield on Wednesday night.

The city's police commander Ch Supt Jon House said the victim was from a "respectable local family".

Armed officers were patrolling the scene close to Andover Street.

Detectives are considering whether the shooting was linked to another gun incident in the city within the past 24 hours. Mr House refused to be drawn on any further details of the second gun incident.

The Amman Minucipality Has A Blog

The blog is in Arabic, and is hosted by Jeeran. See it here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shadows Make Beautiful Effects

Organization: A Word That Changes Many Things

or·gan·i·za·tion (noun): the act or process of organizing.

Organization can change a persons life in many, many ways. From many people's perspectives, organization is a need. If one has organization, he thrives. If he does not, he falls.

Why is organization a need? Well, if for example, a person has an appointment with a doctor. An important appointment needs attention, but the poor man has no organization, no priorities. He writes it on his hand, and when he goes back home, he decides to have a shower. Theres your appointment gone.

But what about too much organization? Is this possible? My dads life is plotted by a calender. He has just about all his activites he has done or will do plotted on his calender. Everything from eating breakfast to catching a flight is on there. Is this really too much organization, or is this the way organization should be defined?

So how is this compared to a normal person? And how is a normal person compared to a person that has no organization?

The Mask Is Lifted, Meet Khaled Sharif

(I'm the guy on the left)