Saturday, December 29, 2007

Meeting Kinzi

Actually, it's supposed to be meeting Kinzi, Little Angel, Spikekid, Project Boy and History Buff.

Indeed, me and my mum went over to Kinzi's house yesterday. It turned out she lived quite close to us. Google Earth was quite useful when it came to finding the best way to her house! By following the directions she sent to us, we located where the house is & found out the best way for us to come from. Maybe someday technology will get better and we will all start finding peoples homes by Google Earth. Maybe not.

Anyway, Kinzi is a very nice woman and has a great house, which is much tidier than ours, I have to say. I played a bit (actually a few hours, hehe) of Xbox with SK and PB, and I realized how bad I am at playing on the Xbox. I guess I'm used to the PS2's controls. Ah well, I shall show SK my skills on the PS2 whenever he comes over. >:D

Meeting another blogger. How strange it seems that meeting somebody you had never known in reality, turns out to be a great person in the real world.

What have your experiences with other bloggers been like?


  1. Khaled, khaalto, please tell your readers that is NOT my hairy arm!! I do love the 'image' behind the image tho'. :)

    Aww, very nice and kind of you!! Thanks for not mentioning the dog hair you took home on your jeans.

    Your mum is one cool lady, you are one cool dude. SK said you are already Facebook pals. With a mum like yours, you guys might get REAL tired of seeing this blogger face around.

    OK, now I better go write the post I was supposed to BEFORE you got this one up! Cheers!

  2. But you did not tell us the reason of the visit,or was it just for acquaintance?