Saturday, December 8, 2007

Parent Sells His Teenagers Guitar

If you're a son that's desperate for a game for your Wii, then you'd better not be doing anything stupid before you get it.

That includes smoking pot on your garden patio with your friends. Isaac was caught smoking, which then led to his surprise Christmas present to be sold on Ebay. A few days later, it was dugg and everyone knew about it. In the auction, the father writes an account of what happened.

So I spent who knows how many hours of my life trying to get “Guitar Hero 3” for the Nintendo Wii for my 15 year old son who has been begging for it since he was born (well not really but he’s wanted it for awhile). So after waiting in lines and going into every game store in the city over the last 2 weeks (practically being laughed at when I asked for guitar hero 3) I finally got lucky and got one at EB Games (they just got a shipment of them 25 minutes before I walked in!).

So I was so relieved in that I had finally got the Holy Grail of Xmas presents pretty much just in the nick of time. I couldn’t wait to spread the jubilance to my son.

Then, yesterday, I came home from work early and what to I find? My innocent little boy smoking pot in the backyard with 2 of his delinquent friends.

Now I know santa applies the “naughty or nice” paradigm to determine who gets what on Christmas. My son (Isaac) hasn’t exactly been Mother Teresa this year (he got suspended for fighting in the spring, among other things) but I thought I could still justify getting him this present. Maybe it would make him stay home more and “rock out” on this fake guitar thing. He pretty much spends all his free time at his friend’s house playing it anyways (while high on marijuana, I would imagine).

Anyways, I am now finding it hard to justify rewarding him with this gift after he so greatly disappointed me. I know smoking a joint isn’t the end of the world, but if you can convince me that he deserves the gift, then I will end the auction. You will have to be very convincing. I am an elementary school teacher and I know that rewarding bad behavior is just asking for more of the same…

After I caught him getting high on my patio I did the typical yelling, screaming, kicking out the friends, etc… but I had not decided on a suitable way to punish him. As of the time of me writing this, he does not know I got him Guitar Hero 3. I will show him the auction once it is posted and we can watch it finish together. Sort of a “Father-Son bonding experience”. While I doubt this will keep him from ever smoking pot again, I think it will make him think twice before doing illegal (well I think pot is still illegal in Canada) drugs on my property.

I am still considering getting him a game for his Nintendo. Maybe something like Barbie as the Island Princess or Dancing With the Stars. These games are in stock everywhere I go, and I know he will just love them.

Merry Xmas Isaac. I hope you’ve learned your lesson. –Father.

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  1. No offence, but this made be feel sorry for the father. Too bad he can't auction the son on e-bay!

    Although its funny how he said "think twice about smoking pot on my property". I wonder if that means he doesn't mind if his son smokes pot elsewhere, or just that he realises he can't really stop him from doing that elsewhere.

  2. At first, I thought this was a made up story but it's real & the auction ends on the 10th of this month!
    I can't believe some of the comments on the ebay site & on D.I.G as it seems quite a few people think he should just let his son do whatever he wants. If that boy was lost, abducted, abused or injured, everyone would cry 'he's only 15...what was the father doing?" But as he's safe & happy & choosing to smoke pot then those same people are saying 'leave him alone!'
    Anyway, you didn't tell us what you think of the father's action! Please do :)

  3. Hani: Good idea, you should suggest that to his dad. :D

    Mona: Ah yes, the fathers auction. A good choice, a good lesson for the boy.

  4. how come the pic has a 17/3/2006 date on it?

    Very good idea, though i doubt it will have an effect on the son

  5. I don't know, maybe some problem with the camera (like everyone has lol). Yes, I agree.