Sunday, December 2, 2007

Memory Of A Fish

A fish can remember things said in the past five seconds only. Khaled Sharif might remember things said in the past five seconds only.

So, if you were a fish, you would've forgotten what I had just said. This phrase is very easily put on me. I can't remember anything at all! In fact, I am so bad at remembering things, my dad even got me a t-shirt last summer that had that slogan. It causes me endless problems and is very embarrassing.

Sometimes my dad asks me to get something from the kitchen. I get there, and I can't remember why I came to the kitchen in the first place. I then get endless lectures about how I am stupid and forget everything, as well as how I will be a failure if I keep forgetting things. I nod my head, and learn nothing. Comes in from one ear, comes straight out of the other.

The real problem however is school stuff. I just can't escape stuff that needs to be memorised, such as Biology or Chemistry, but the really horrible subjects are Arabic or Geography. Something such as memorising the first four lines of a poem can turn into a traumatic experience. I go home, play on the computer or Playstation for five hours, then remember I have to recite the poem tomorrow. I begin to sweat and panic.

My mum gets angry when I tell her, because she knows she will be in double the pain when she tries to make me memorise something. She gets even more mad with me for not concentrating or playing with something else when I'm trying to memorise. She almost explodes when I struggle to finish the first part of the poem with sixty mistakes. But my poor old mum never gives up. :)

The toughest part is memorising Quran, which is the hardest thing ever to memorise. My after school club that teaches Quran know I'm a 'special needs' boy, because I'm the only one who struggles to learn one page every two weeks. Everyone else learns at least two pages a week, which is the minimum, but I always go below the minimum when it comes to memorising.

Something like Surat Al-Anfal is the maximum of hard for me. I began with it from the start of the club, and as about 3 months have past I've only learnt the first four pages. I've even got the verse on my mobile and I read over and over again, but each page takes me two weeks to learn, sometimes even more. The Quran teacher reads the list of the week, and its always the same thing...

"OK, Ali has learnt 6 pages, mashaAllah, you are excellent. Omar has learnt three pages, very good, if only you could make it four pages then that would be even better. [Silence as he reaches my name] And, erm, Khaled has learnt... erm... we'll come back to him."

Don't blame me, blame the fish I bought my brain from! What about the reader, do you have a memory of a fish?


  1. hmmm, i guess u need to read books about memorize things

    try to get this book

    Memory book
    by Harry lorayne & jerry Lucas
    it will help you :)

  2. Do you have the same problem when communicating in English?
    Maybe if you only have the problem in Arabic, we can start to get to the solution.
    Now, What did i just said above:)