Sunday, December 30, 2007

Not Another 100th Post

It is at this post that Not Another Blog reaches it's 100th post.

And, as my friend M. Kilany said, like a human's age is measured in years, a blog's age is measured in posts. So, Not Another Blog is officially 100 posts old.

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who commented on my blog. In my opinion, commenting on a blog is like pushing a blogger forward in life and letting him succeed further and excel.

Those people include uncle Bilal, Kinzi, Qwaider, Hani, Moey, Kilany. Not to forget people such as my mum Mona, and my auntie Eman, thank you all.

Edit: And my auntie Wesam too!!!


  1. Thats very good Khaled ... yalla go on.. i think its the last comment am going to write here coz u didn't thank ur auntie Wesam !!!! i posted about 5 comments at ur blog so its 5% of all posts

  2. Congratulations Khaled...

    And a million thanks, U made my day... You quoting me is something that is worth a celebration...

    I'm going to open up a bar of chocolate...

    Hope I'll see your first 1000 blog posts soon :)

  3. Wesam: I will edit it, sorry :)

    Kilany: Take some brazilian chocolate from amo bilal. Ask him about brazilian chocolate he will know what i am talking about hehehe

  4. Thank you for mentioning my name Khaled!By the way,you are using very nice pictures.If you want to be a graphic designer I guess you'll have a brilliant future!

  5. Alf Mabruuk, khalto. It's an honor to be one of your encouragers. It's also not hard to find encouragement worthy posts! They fill your archives :).

  6. Moey: Thanks.

    Eman: Hmm, im thinking more robotics, the kind my dad teaches in university (mechatronics).

    Kinzi: Yes, thank you.