Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Starting Eid In The Bathroom

I shouldn't have eaten that horrible piece of junk on an empty stomach. If I hadn't eaten it, I wouldn't be at home while everyone else was visiting my relatives.

A few minutes of hurling in the bathroom put my first Eid day to a halt. As usual, it all went on the floor of the bathroom, ruining my new jeans and socks. Now usually if someone pukes on the floor someone else would come and clean up. Except this time it was different.

I knew my mum was fed up with cleaning up after me (because it usually comes on the carpet, the sofa, the door, etc), so this time I cleaned up after myself. Kinda like soldiers who have to dig a hole to hurl into it, then cover it up again. Army style puking, eh?

Good old grandmother gave me some tea to drink, so now I feel much better. And now I'm at home alone, but I guess this has its good points. And while I'm on the subject, Eid mubarak to you all non-sick fellas.

Side Note: I haven't been posting much because of final exams, although I'm trying to make up for them this Eid.


  1. Salamtek Khaled. BTW, the Junk food khaled is talking about is KARABEEJ HALAB:)
    You have to start eating foul everyday so that u stomach will get better.

  2. Salamtak, ya Khaled. Weren't you sick in Ramadan, too? As a mom, I appreciate the thought of cleaning up after yourself, bas haram, we are MADE to clean up after our kids.

  3. Bilal: Mmm, foul. That will make me MUCH better.

    Kinzi: Yes, yes.