Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fateh & Hamas Online

Can you belive it? They have both blogs on Wordpress posting about what the other clan has done!

One is called Hamas Gaza, a blog made by Fateh, which posts about the work of Hamas and how horrendous it is and exposing stories about it. Then, another blog opens under the name Fateh Israel, which is the exact opposite of it, made by Hamas people, exposing the horrendous things done by Fateh.

In my opinion, this is a childish war. If you gave a few kids a bunch of guns and told them to make a war, they would be more mature than this. What kind of people make blogs about each other?!

[Via Egyptain Chronicles]


  1. Khaled,
    The issue is more complicated than this. I advise you to read more about Fateh and Hamas and the viewpoint of each other.

  2. Khaled commenting on a political issue!! That's a good start though as it adds a new dimension to the blog topics.
    Now I do agree with Bilal, it's very complicated, but again what is in the best interest of Palestinian people?? we're hoping to go to Nablus in the school holiday, so may be Khaled will come back with more ideas after hearing different point of views.

  3. what is going on there Khaled , every day in Palestine between fate7 and 7amas is more shaming...

  4. Khalid,
    This is very interesting... actually disgusting is more like it... I hate seeing the dark side of both...

  5. I agree with Mkilany in that their actions are disgusting, but then again hardly surprising.

    I remember something my brother told me when he went to pay the fees for his union (naqabeh) membership. They were taking the fee + 1JD donation for palestine, and the guy in line in front of him to ld the cashier. Why should we send them cash to kill each other ?

  6. bilal: yes, as always :P

    mona: congrats to my self, maybe more of these will come :)

    wesam: allah yesla7 hum

    kilany: agreed, i do to.

    hani: indeed.