Thursday, December 6, 2007

School Is Not Easy

If only dreams could come true. If only I could wish for something and it comes true. One of those things would be that school would become a bit easier. A bit less stressfull. I have solved alot of the problems I have had, but a lot still stay without possible solutions.

One of these problems is the most annoying one. When I don't have a pen (a decent one not a biro pen which looks horrible) I'd have to borrow one from my friend. My friend Hussien usually only has a few spare pens to write with, so I end up writing with a blunt unsharpened pencil. The text is hard to read when exam time comes, and I'd usually get notes on pages from the teachers, saying I need to write in pen, or the mark on the report wouldn't look too good. This problem has been solved by getting myself one blue, and one red pen. Knowing myself, I can guess how long these will last before they're broken or get lost.

The other problem is the teacher's lack of humor. So what if I talk too much in class, and I know this never bothers you or 'distracts other students' like you say, so why do you keep telling me to stop talking? Eft. And so what if I started making sheep sounds in the middle of class? Or why does it bother you so much when I "don't put up my hand" before I answer? Why am I always called 'the class clown' from every teacher in every parents meeting, just because I am 'na3'eesh number one' like my Maths teacher calls me? Ha3 3alay ba7awel ade7ekkom, eft.

Another problem is how teachers are so strict about your book and notebook, to the point they make you burst. If I draw a drawing or sketch in my book, I get a extra long note from my English teacher. If I write something in my notebook rather than in my book I get a bad mark on my report, as well as a book full of red pen markings.

Why do mobiles have to be taken from you? Even if I've turned it off and put it in my pocket they'll still search you and take them. When they do that, we all start frantically hiding things in everywhere possible - in a tissue box, inside the bin, on top of the curtains, behind the radiator, in your socks. Anything taken will never come back, so you'd better hide your belongings unless you want to throw away two hundred dinars.

I wonder what college will be like. >:(


  1. Hahahaha
    Zakkartni bi Ayyam el madraseh :)

  2. Heh-heh, Khaled ya khaalto, you do not want another mom commenting on this post, I bet! But for your mom's sake, I will.

    Yella! Go get a pack of pens, leave your phone at home and stop talking in class! I know it's tough to be brilliant, but you have to play the game, get the education. College is more fun, they appreciate special humor there more.

  3. Oh dear, oh dear!!!! "Nagheesh number 1" isn't a complement, is it?? Your math teacher used to say very nice things about you...not any more apparently :(
    OK, time for a visit to the school to try to sort things out. I bet you wish you'd never posted this :)

  4. College is great khaled, you will feel the difference, if u ever reached there:)

  5. I hated school so much as a student and a teacher, but if i had a student doing all of THESE FUNNY things i would have killed my self , and don't ask why i hate teaching... i liked collage its hard but its the best days of my life.. i wish i could get back there.. Khaled enjoy every day, do your best, and be the best every where... so u will not regret. nasi7a!

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  7. Qwaider: :)

    Kinzi: Ok ,ok.

    Mona: Oh no, school meeting is today.. oh no...

    Bilal: We will see.

    Wesam: ha ha ha...

    Anonymous: Sorry, i don't correct your essays.