Monday, December 31, 2007

More About Governmental Hospitals

If you thought your information was safe when it was passed into a government hospital, you thought wrong.

Chances are your records are out on the street inside a huge dumpster overflowing, or being sold to some Nigerian fellows out their so they can open some loans in your name.

I don't think these people have heard of shreding, recycling, even burning. Weren't we supposed to have electronic databases, aren't we nearly in the year 2008?

If you don't know why these should be kept private, read more about Identity Theft on Wikipedia.

Some of these files on the pavement, they aren't even inside the bin. Here are some pictures taken by my friend Kilany.

[Via Tip&Polls]


  1. Thanks for the link and opening our eyes to a totally different angle...

    Wicked :)