Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Wierd Sister

I have a strange younger sister, she always talks about unusual things, and most of them are pretty gross anyway.

Kinda like when I was very young, I wanted to be a dog when I grew up. So yestarday was her birthday, and we asked her what she would like as a present.

U: "So, what would you like as a present?"
S: "Hmm... I know!"
U: "Ok, but it shouldn't be something expensive..."
S: "It isn't, I want to ask for something."
U: "Go ahead, ask."
S: "I want to never have a shower for the rest of my life!"
U: "Erm, you can't have that."
S: "Ok, ok, I'll only have a shower when we have something important, like a wedding..."
U: "No, you'll have to think of something else..."
S: "Grrrr..."

I told you she was strange! What strange people do you know?


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, she is so cute :D how old is she?

    Happy Birthday to her :)

  2. I know it sounds wierd but she does have a point: this winter has been tough on her. She keeps getting sick & it happened twice the day after she had a shower. Now no matter how we try to convince her that the two things are not related, she is now scared of showers because they will make her ill! Poor shaima :(

    Funny Shaima
    Happy Birthday Shaima
    Your Uncles used to hate bath when they were young:)

  4. 7bibti shaima:)do u know i love shaima' so much and am sure that she will be a great person.. happy birthday shaima i think sarah hates showers too i always run after her in all house when time of shower comes!