Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Paranoid Fathers

Christmas Day, 3PM. My dad comes back home to find his laptop blurting out that it has discovered a virus.

Now normally, any person who finds a virus on his computer would simply scan the computer, destroy the virus and carry on with life. Not my dad.

When he saw that his laptop had a virus, he went berserk. Not only was he naturally paranoid, but add on top that the laptop was a new Sony Vaio costing more than 2500 JDs, you have total mayhem.

"Who used my computer when I wasn't here?!" my dad bellows. Everyone looks at each other nervously. He later finds out that mum was using it to scan her papers. We start reading al-Fateha on my mum's soul. :D

My dad didn't stop there. He started searching the computer, only to find that Paypal's website had been opened a few minutes ago. My dad suspects everything, and even though a virus has nothing to do with Paypal, he started screaming.

D: Who opened Paypal four minutes ago?!
K: Erm, I did. I wanted to check how much-
D: That's it! Paypal gave me a virus!! All because of you, Khaled!!
K: That's impossible, you can't get a virus from-
K: But...
K: Ok, ok.

So now, my dad is going to get us our own scanner, going to lock up his office, and install yet more security software. Ever seen more paranoid people?


  1. You are welcomed to come and stay in our house when you dad kicks u out:D
    Don't forget that he is the source of food and money so stop playing with his laptop!!
    Listen, you had to blame Rawhi for the Paypal thing. Tell him that you saw rawhi checking paypal today and he was ordering some Milk :D hahahaha

  2. Take it easy, I think it's only natural to have this kind of reaction... if you have your life's work on the laptop...

  3. Bilal: ok i will come and play with sarah a few games of solitare.

    Kilany: hmm, yes. but a virus from paypal?! :D

  4. haha
    u should never use ur father's laptop again.................btw paypal doesn't get viruses

  5. Khaled,
    Just let me put my side of the story.

    1. You know that everything is on my laptop. Although all my data is backed up, it would take me days to reinstall all the software and rebuild the machine.
    2. Once we checked mum's flash, we found 2 viruses on it. That is how the viruses got onto my laptop, and where then removed by Norton.
    3. I was upset but I did not shout.

  6. Aha! Now we know who is the Mojrem:)
    By the way, try using AVG antivirus, its amazing, better than Norton and Symantec.

  7. Khaled when i was at ur age i used to think that all are my enemies! always shouting for no reason and they are wrong, i don't make any mistakes and am always right!! but now i look behind and laugh, it was just a period of time and passed away.. i was so sensitive and i think parents have to understand but they can't do all the time.. so we have to forgive and forget , u have really a great father and mother at least ur father didn't get angry when he read this,i used to write but never let any one read!am a talkative person :)but i really wanted to tell u that long time ago