Saturday, December 1, 2007

I Will Not Cut My Hair

I am fed up with barbers in Jordan, I am not going to cut my hair under any circumstance. My mum says that my hair is too long, but I'm not going back to that horrible shop again.

The barber shop is filled with evil nutters, that have no idea what they are doing and take money for ruining your hair. I always get the fat hair cutter, who is the worst of the three devils. This man manages to smoke, watch half naked women dancing on TV, chat with his friends, talk on his mobile phone, and 'cut' my hair.

I use the verb 'cut' to mean just that: cut. Not styling, grooming, trimming or making the hair look nicer. No. Just cut. And I have to pay money for that? No way. Not any more.

Last time was the last straw. I went with my brother a few days before school start. Omar got the barber who owns the shop, he's half decent. While I got the fat one, the worst one. I sat on the chair and I get the usual barking question I always get.

"How do you want me to cut your hair?" he barks.
"Erm, a little shorter please." I reply.
"I don't have 'a little shorter', I only have 1 or 2. Which one?" he barks back.
"What does 2 mean?" I ask, puzzled.
"Ok, I'll do 2.", and he begins.

Cut, snip, cut, snip. A few seconds later I find myself nearly bald, each hair is barely showing. I look at the mirror, trying to wish I was in a nightmare. I can see my mum and sister laughing at me from the car outside.

And that is why I will never go back to that haircutter again. What have your experiences with haircutters been?


  1. Khaled,You're completely in opposition to me.I LOVE going to barber.Well,why don't you just consider the very short hair as a new look?

  2. :)
    i guess u have a VERY new look :)

    strange u didn't notice that he's cut too much ,

    for me i do cut it like 0 and .5 :)


    t3eesh o takol 3'erha ;),

    be glad that hair grow up fast

  3. Eman: You have a good hairdresser, i don't >:(

    Qabbani: Hmm, well he cuts so fast that you don't have time to stop him. he cuts fast because he wants to get rid of you lol

  4. There's a new Braun store in Mujama3 Jabber. They have several models of electric hair clippers. Enjoy the Ghandi look !

  5. I hate going to barber!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really hate it..I postpone cutting my hair until i look very bad and then i go there. I am always considering cutting my hair in the house