Friday, December 4, 2009

Taxi Driver And Smoking

I was riding with a taxi driver yesterday, and the strange person decides to convert his taxi into a public transport bus by stopping for two girls and loading them since they were supposedly on my journey route anyway.

So the girl in the back wants to smoke, after she takes out a cigarette and lights it, the driver says:

Driver: Smoking in the taxi is forbidden.
Girl: But I've already lighted it.
Driver: No please throw it out.
Girl: I can open the window.
Driver: No I have an infection in my lungs whenever I smell cigarette smoke.
Girl: OK I'll throw it out.

Later on when the taxi drops off the girl, he takes out a pack of cigarettes from his glove compartment and lights a cigarette.

Me: I thought you had an infection in your lungs.
Driver: (Chuckles to himself) Stupid girls.