Friday, December 21, 2007

I Hate Mall Security Guards

They ruined my Friday night film with my friends, all because I'm a 'shab' and I can't go in the mall.

Instead, I had to wait outside with winds bursting at my face and freezing at 6 degrees. It turned out my friends had come early and had slipped in with one of the boys older brother, then he left. Now I was stuck outside, trying to communicate with them with my mobile.

After being rejected at all the doors of City Mall, including the garage, I called my mum. She came after ten minutes and let me pass through the gates of Mordor, I mean City Mall. After thanking my mum a millions times, she left. All so good.

But no, the evil guards of the horrible mall wouldn't give up so easily. After arguing over the film we were going to watch, we finally settled for one then remembered we hadn't prayed Magrib (yes, we are sheiks). Now we try and find a place to pray in.

Now usually the place would be downstairs, me and another friend go down and start searching for a place. Bad choice. A security check point was right in front of us. My friend dashes up the elevator quickly and makes a run for it. I wasn't so lucky.

Stupid guard refuses to hear my pledges, and sends me out of the mall. Cold and angry, I call my mum and go back home. I'm not going back to a mall again.

How about you, what have your experiences with mall guards been?


  1. Although I live in Amman since three years,the only mall I visited is Almukhtar mall,because it's the nearest to my house,but I don't think it has a cinema.If you wanted to watch a film,why didn't you just go with your friends to a normal cinema instead of this bahdaleh?!

  2. I feel sorry for you Khaled...what a bunch of idiots those security guys are :( I mean I'm all for not letting lowlifes & trouble makers in, but Khaled and his friends are all 9th graderes who look so young & innocent! Ah well, at least I was still in the area & could come to pick you up, right? :)

  3. Khaled, I am so sorry. As a mom, I would be a little ticked off. I am usually grateful for security at malls keeping shabaab out, as they tend to be pack animals that keep me FAR from malls.

    BUT, I think they should know the difference between 9th graders going to movies, and slathering 24 year old wolves on the prowl.

  4. Khaled, i feel sorry for you. Actually, mall managamenet should think about a better solution coz there is a cinemas inside! Ah, i think its not easy. Anyway, call me next time, i will come and help, if i can:) unless they kick me out too.

  5. Eman: Almukhtar mall?! What a horrible mall that is :D

    Mona: yes, yes, thank you

    Kinzi: Thank you for your sympathy.

    Bilal: ok i will give you a call hehe

  6. Khaled i think security guys are doing very well in malls , you don't see what shabab and banat doing in malls? specially of your age i really feel sorry when i see them, malls are turning to " bo2ret fasad " so security can't distinguish between 'you' and these guys.. another time don't call ur mom or anyone just try to find an old couple and ask to get in with them or just walk behind them ;) my brother used to do this

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