Monday, October 15, 2007

The Repetition In Eid

Don't you all notice that we repeat the exact same cycle all the time (except on very few occasions)?

You Come To Visit Them

Ring bell a million times before they open. Wonder which men's hands you must shake first and which women you are allowed to shake hands with. Sit down, yawn and feel bored. Refuse the horrible "coffee" they serve you. Feel bored again. Try and eat the rock solid ma3moul covered in mountains of grounded sugar. Feel bored once more. Help yourself to the chocolates as you leave the house. Repeat.

They Come To Visit You

Answer the door. Greet guests. Watch people talk about politics and market prices. Serve "coffee". Get told off for not holding cups in right hand. Hearing people talking about boring subjects again. Serve your personally made rock solid ma3moul. More talking, boring as usual. Hurry after guests with chocolates. Close the door. Repeat.


  1. And now this cycle has ended, time to return to the more frequent posting. Sorry :)

  2. "Get told off for not holding cups in right hand" .....come on Khaled! it was one person only. But I agree with the rest :-) And yes, the ma3mool was quite disappointing this eid :(

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  4. Thanks Khaled for making me laugh so much,especially about the rock solid ma3moul.

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