Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Missing Verse From The Quran?!

Have you ever heard of Surat Al-Muslimoon?

Our Friday prayer Imam told us this Friday about how people are trying to change the Quran, and about his findings on the Internet. He found very strange 'verses' from the Quran, that were obviously not from it. He read to us Surat Al-Muslimoon (Verse of the Muslims), and warned us that new comers to Islam would really think this was a missing verse and believe these lies.

And so I went home, got on the computer, and ran a search on Google for "سورة المسلمون". I found it, our Imam was telling the truth. The Google search also found a member in a forum that actually believes this verse is a missing one from the Quran. Here is the verse, what do you think of this gibberish?

(1) الصم (2) قُل يا أَيُها الْمُسلِمُونَ إنَكُم لفي ضَلالٍ بَعِيد (3) إنَّ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ بِاللّهِ ومسيحهِ لَهُمْ فِي الآَخِرَةِ نَارُ جَهَنّمَ وعَذَابٌ شَدِيدٌ (4) وجوهٌ يومئذٍ صاغرةٌ مكفهرةٌ تلتمسُ عفوَ اللهِ واللهُ يفعلُ ما يريد (5) يومَ يقولُ الرحمنُ يا عبادي قد أنعمتُ على الذينَ من قبلِكم بالهدى منزّلاً في التوراةِ والإنجيل (6) فما كان لكم أن تكفروا بما أنزلتُ وتضلوا سَوَاء السبيل (7) قالوا ربنا ما ضَلَلْنا أنفُسنا بل أضلنا مَنْ ادّعى أنه من المرسلين (8) وإذ قالَ اللهُ يا محمد أغويتَ عبادي وجعلتهُم من الكافرين (9) قالَ ربِّي إنما أغوانيَ الشيطانُ إنهُ كانَ لبني آدمَ أعظمَ المفسدين (10) ربي اعْفُ عني واغفرْ لي واقبلني معَ التائبين (11) إني بمسيحِكَ لَمُؤمنٌ وإني لَهُ لَساجدٌ مع الساجدين (12) ويغفرُ اللهُ للذين تابوا مِمَّن أغواهُمُ الإنسانُ ويبعثُ بمحمدٍ إذ كانَ للشيطانِ نصيراً إلى جهنّم وبئسَ المصير (13) وإذ قضى اللهُ أمراً فإنه أعلمُ بما يقضي وقضى وهو على كلِّ شيءٍ قدير.

[Source] - Sidenote: I only pasted this verse for you to see it straight from here, not that I actually believe this stupidity. Please do not misunderstand.


  1. This is bogus, and I think things like this, that are obvious lies, shouldn't be given importance.. I am always against highlighting lies because they don't deserve the attention. Any sane person who reads the Qura'n will notice that these could never be the words of Allah, not because of their content only, but because the Language used is not even close to standard Arabic learned by a first grader!

  2. This is not a missing verse from the Quran and it has absolutely nothing to do with the Quran.

    This is made up. and you can so easily tell that its made up, its ridiculous. the structure of the sentences is weak, the phrases and cut and paste from other versus and compiled together and on top of all that, the mathematical value that gives the Quran its miraculous form is not present at all.

    Again, this is NOT a missing verse and it is NOT from the Quran.

  3. We have people do this with the Bible, too. The so-called Gospel of Barnabas, some Essene texts, the whole pretense with Dan Brown's books, yabayay. Truth always wins.

  4. Secratea: Yes, I saw that. The imam was almost laughing by the end of the verse because of how silly it was.

    Bakkouz: Gosh, you make it seem like I said this is a missing verse! Didn't you read the side note?!

  5. Kinzi: Yes, I also heard there was an old testement and a new testement (sorry is it is spelt wrong). Why are there two different ones?

  6. Sorry guys, I can't read Arabic but I am REALLY interested to know what is said in this sura. Can someone give me a quick summary?

  7. The Guy: Alot of gibberish, nothing to do with the quran. Nothing important is in it, except maybe about how it trys to blame the prophet PBUH for our wrong doings, which is crazy.

  8. now the funny thing is i was more interested in the comments than the post its self :P
    bakkouz "the mathematical value that gives the Quran its miraculous form is not present at all" oh my "god" numerology again ? want me to prove to you that JFK's assisnation was predicted in moby dick ? its the same concept don't undermine a religious text by relying on pseudo science like numerology

    kinzi now since u mentioned those 2 i wonder what do u think of the ebionites texts ? and the apocrypha ?

    khaled if i may answer the question the old testament refers to the translation of the jewish tanakh which also includes the torah, while the new testament is the books written by jesus's apostles and followers to document his life and teachings plus their letters to the early church

    fred from what i could gather it mentions something about muslim's not following jesus
    and the bible, and the old adage of people going to hell and such ...

  9. The verse is so weak in language and content that it's really a shame that anyone would even remotely think it's related to Quran

    The Quran is NOT the bible. There were so many revisions, and books in and out to make so much contradiction in the Bible. The Quran didn't face the same fate. It was sealed in the book before anyone could try and add things or remove things.

  10. Qwaider, I wonder if I will ever have the nerve to post about that comment! Probably not while I live in Jordan, that's for sure.

    Khaled, BamBam did an excellent job of explaining. Some say the Old testifies to the covenant of a sacrificial system awaiting a Saviour, the New the fulfillment of the covenant with a Saviour.

    Bambam, the apocrypha question is easy, I need to research the ebonite texts first.