Friday, October 26, 2007

Under the Weather

I left the bed after a three day battle with stomach virus. I am sorry for not feeding you with posts. I am sure you are all hungry, but things will change and food will come. Be optimistic!
side note: I haven't forgotten to nominate my favourite blogger and I will be writing about him/her tomorrow.


  1. Salamtak. I hope you're feeling better

  2. All right, I'll pipe down. May God bless you with his healing touch. :)

  3. Salamtek ya zalameh, i did not know. Your stomach is so weak, you should avoid falafel with motor oil:)

  4. Deemco: Allah yisalmik :D

    Kinzi: What? Allah yisamhik, I didn't mean that! Ah well, thanks.

    Bilal: Yes, thanks. By the way, you remember the Sharif family meeting is next thursday?

  5. Yes, i do of course. Thats why i am sooooo happy:)