Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An Excuse Worse Than Its Sin

Or "ﻋﺫر أقبح من ﺫنب" in arabic. :D

I got an email this morning - spam, as usual. I usually don't get spam (I keep my email top secret), but this one was some kind of newsletter for Mens Style. I had never signed up for this newsletter, not even any newsletter anyway. Except that this one let you to unsubscribe. I didn't know what was in store.

Just say "We don't want to unsubscribe you, we want to send you more spam", just say the truth. Don't blame your poor old system. But, what about me? I'll just adjust the filters in Thunderbird so they get deleted - much easier.


  1. Yes, I found this out a long time ago. The unsubscribe feature is actually a cheap trick to confirm a hit. You just confirmed that there is a real human being behind that email address, thereby upgrading your address to a bigger mailing list. Yay !

    I have aorund 4 email addresses, different levels of spam-traps. My main address is reserved for family, and I never get any spam on that, but it doesn't make it any less annoying having to maintain so many addresses.

  2. Use some type of email program (ex. Thunderbird) to fetch emails from many addresses. You can also send from any one of them easily.