Saturday, October 27, 2007

Not Another 'Blog About Bloggers' Post

Dun dun dun. Today is the day of the day of talking about the day you blog about bloggers that blog. Also known as "I am Blogging about my Favorite Blogger day", source. It would be '3eb' to let this day pass without joining everyone in their, erm, thing. So, I'm joining.

Now, naturally, the 'thing' is called Blog about your favorite Blogger, not bloggers. But, as everyone else has done, we break the rules so everyone can be happy and nobody is left out. And, I don't have one person in mind, I have quite alot, so that's another excuse to break the rules. Or, as a child would say, Kinzi and Nas have already broken them. Waah!

So, lets get on with this and have this finished. I'll say each person and what they're are nominated for. Anyway, behind door number one is...

-- 1. Bakkouz, Bakkouz - for his interesting posts.
I have always liked the content of Bakkouz's posts, he always puts posts that I enjoy reading, such as pictures from Google Earth or sound bombs.
Featured Post: The Devil Lives In Jordan!?

-- 2. Roba, And Far Away - for her creativity.
I have never seen anyone more creative in posts and photos than Roba. And I love her designs. Her posts are anywhere from talking about Jordan to a group of photos.
Featured Post: Another Urban Review

--3. Naseem, Black Iris - for his writing.
Nas is a great writer, he can write and write huge posts fit for magazines, and he is still quite frequent. I struggle to pick a suitable title.
Featured Post: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Eid

--4. Hani, HANI 101 - for his leap into the blogosphere.
I was surprised at how Hani began his blog with such huge power and fame. You'd expect visitors to a new blog come as a slope, Hani 101 was high at the beginning.
Featured Post: Falling off the Wagon

--5. Kinzi, My Treasure - for showing how blogging is for everyone.
Being a mother that blogs is a great achievement. I have begged my mother to blog so many times that I have given up. To find the time to write long, interesting posts is a goal achieved.
Featured Post: Squabbling Children

And to finish off, I would like to thank everyone else I left out.

Special thanks to my great uncle Bilal who brought me into the blogging world and always gave me tips in blogging. If only he blogged a bit more often. And I would like to thank the boy named Khaled Sharif, for writing the longest post yet in his blog.

You may now leave your comments. You're allowed to, you know.


  1. Khaled, if you are reading these bloggers at your age, you'll be ready to run for parliament and change the world by 30, too.

    Thanks for the mention, ya khalto, sharaftni. If your mom ever saw my closets it would be proof that no sane mother has time for good blogging AND good house-keeping. Greet her for me, and thank Uncle Bilal.

  2. I broke the rules too!! :P
    Thanks for participating!! :D

  3. hehe thanks man, i really appreciate it :)

  4. Although I am not great at all and not even close, Thanks Khaled.
    I agree with Kinzi, but i hope you will not run for elections when you reach 30 coz u will waste your life:)
    Keep on writing great posts Khaled.

  5. Kinzi: Erm, I'd pass for the parliment, thanks.

    RAG: Your welcome!

    Bakkouz: No problem, you're like my big brother :D

    Bilal: Thanks. I'm looking forward to the trip to Aqaba with you :D I will never stop annoying you >:)

  6. Thank you Khaled. I appreciate the mention.

    About "power and fame", lol what power and fame ? Half the comments are my own. I think I got a few extra ones on starting up because I spent some time reading and commenting on other people's blogs before I started my own.

    While getting comments is always nice, it should not really be a goal. Some of my favorite blogs hardly get any comments at all.

    As long as you have something to say, and I see you do, you will find that writing the post is in itself a reward.

  7. That's pretty flattering! Thanks a lot Khaled! :)

  8. ehh.. love this :))