Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Night Of Fate (Ulqadir)

I have just woken up at 3 PM, I have slept from 6 this morning. Our mosque actually was really good at making a schedule for the night, and it sticked to it as well.

The night started with the usual ishaa2 then taraweeh. I prayed four rukaa2 taraweeh then ran off to the nearby falafel shop, to watch Bab il-Hara 2. But as it got too crowded, I had to wait for the break and then run to our house to continue watching. Luckily our house is quite close and I got there just before the adverts finished.

I found the house full of babies. About 5 babies were inside and it seemed my mum had offered to do the babysitting for all my aunties. So I had to continue watching Bad il-Hara while hearing screams of Leen and putting the always-awake Nadeen to sleep.

I ran back and continued a few rukaa3 of taraweeh so the total would become 8. After that I went to the falafel shop, which was now empty, to drink a bit of Pepsi to keep awake. I drank a bit too much and felt sick, but at least that kept me awake for a few hours.

And then I got terribly sleepy, and by the end of sohoor (which was horribly dry), I went back home to have my real suhoor and then went to sleep, waking up at 3PM. So, now that I have told you my night, what did you do in yours?


  1. Oh right, yesterday was Laylat Al-Qadir.

    I slept like a baby :)

  2. I actually prayed and "a7yat il layl" on all the odd numbered nights, not just the night of the 27th

  3. تقبل الله طاعتكم
    إن شاء الله رمضان الجاي تحيي كل الليالي الأخيرة

  4. Hani: Bad boy.

    Deemo: You should be a role model to Hani. :D

    Bilal: Inshallah