Friday, October 5, 2007

Meet The 2 Year Old Devil

Meet Rawhi, my youngest brother, currently one year and a half old. He was born on a Wednesday, we woke up and found a letter stuck on the television, saying that my mum went to hospital and that we didn't need to go to school today. A few hours later, my mother came and along came with her Rawhi, wrapped in a blue blanket. He was good for a few months, until he reached the age of walking.

Now Rawhi is in the evil age. He loves adventuring in forbidden places, like the bathroom toilet or the guestroom. Leave him there for a few minutes and you'll find the place like a bomb zone. He is usually told off a few times or shouted at, but he doesn't really seem to care. At lunch time, he insists that he eats by himself, but he usually starts mixing stuff together and ends up eating 'rice with vimto' soup.

Although he has destroyed half the house, he is loved by everyone and now know a camera and smiles this weird smile whenever you want to take a picture. Right now, he is chewing on a book and screaming. He hates all his toys, so he resorts to chewing on something valuable like a mobile or dangling from the top of the television.

P.S In the photo, he is sitting next to his cousin Leen at my aunt's house. He's pretending to be all nice and lovely. As soon as the camera stopped clicking, he returned to smacking poor Leen in the face!


  1. When I saw the picture I put it as a desktop theme.Since then Leen has been looking at it and laughing hysterically!

  2. Use this picture, its the bigger one:

  3. 3anjad bless that mum of yours, Khaled. A Teenager and a Two Year Old? That sounds like a blog title, whadda mix!!!

  4. Actually its a teenager (me), a Y7 boy, a Y3 girl and a 2 year old boy. :D

  5. khaled, most people say that rawhi looks like you when you were little (exept the nose may be!)and he acts like you did :)I have photos to prove it:0
    Kinzi, yeah it can be (quite) hard dealing with a teenager & a toddler at the same time (as well as the other 2) but Rawhi brings the best in Khaled. He is very loving & caring towards his baby brother...most of the time ;)

  6. Khaled, yes I remember that bro Omar is your favorite target, mish? :)

    Mona, yes I remember that 4 is your magic number for kids too (well, so far...). Sub7an Allah, and Allah yatiiki il afiyya. I'm not surprised R brings out a tender side in K. :)

  7. 1 Year 8 Months Exactly, right?:)
    The best place to put Rawhi in is an Empty room, he will be really confused, although he might start bitting the door handle.
    Vimto&Rice? I will try that with Sarah:)

  8. Mum: Yes, I know that!

    Kinzi: Actually all of them are my favourite targets, although Shaima usually is the target these days (Y3 girl).

    Bilal: Yes. If we put him in an empty room he will hold onto us with all his might to resist going in.