Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Organization: A Word That Changes Many Things

or·gan·i·za·tion (noun): the act or process of organizing.

Organization can change a persons life in many, many ways. From many people's perspectives, organization is a need. If one has organization, he thrives. If he does not, he falls.

Why is organization a need? Well, if for example, a person has an appointment with a doctor. An important appointment needs attention, but the poor man has no organization, no priorities. He writes it on his hand, and when he goes back home, he decides to have a shower. Theres your appointment gone.

But what about too much organization? Is this possible? My dads life is plotted by a calender. He has just about all his activites he has done or will do plotted on his calender. Everything from eating breakfast to catching a flight is on there. Is this really too much organization, or is this the way organization should be defined?

So how is this compared to a normal person? And how is a normal person compared to a person that has no organization?


  1. I take your point. However, it is generally the people who make fun of my organisation, that are relieved when I save them a lot of hassle and tears with a lost fact or forgotten appointment (e.g., mum);-)

  2. Hahaha:)
    Being organized is the key to success, and thats why we are in Jordan, miserable losers!
    شر البلية ما يضحك