Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ready To Try Firefox 3?

I always check my Digg RSS feed, and today I was surprised to find Mozilla Firefox 3 had been released, as a beta of course. And if you thought I wouldn't try it immediately, then you defiantly wouldn't be thinking about Khaled.

This new version is actually better than I thought, lots of things in Firefox have been changed, updated, and some new things have been added. If you want to see the full list of all the new stuff in Firefox 3, (also know as Release Notes), click here. I'll take you through most of the good stuff now though.

- See A Websites Information: Click on a websites favicon to view info about it, although it isn't functioning yet.

- Malware & Forgery Protection: Any website from a list of suspected websites is blocked, and the suspects usually contain malware or web forgeries.

- Password Saving Easier: The choice to remember a password is now less annoying, as it appears underneath the tabs.

- Scan Your Downloaded Files: You can now integrate any virus software with Firefox so it will scan downloaded files.

- Automatic Spell Checker: All fields are now checked for misspellings (somewhat like MS Word) so you'll never get another word wrong.

- Save Your Opened Tabs: The original warning about closing multiple tabs has been replaced with a box to save your opened tabs.

- New, Better Downloader: Firefox's original download manager has a new look, as well as the ability to resume downloads after FF restarts.

- Zoom More Objects: The old zoom has been modified, so it now makes not just text, but images and layout larger or smaller.

- Bookmarker Changes: The bookmarks organiser has a new look, as well as the ability to add tags to your bookmarks and bookmark any page with 1-click.


  1. The cool thing is that most of these features started out as extensions that can be installed on FF2. Now they integrated them into FF3. Better yet there are hundreds more extensions to add a lot of useful and some useless funcitonality too.

    eg. I have an extension that will make FF display the web server ifnormaiton for each website as you browse to it, another that will display a barcode representing the website url so that you can transfer the url to your mobile if it has barcode reader software (all new nokias with cameras have it).

  2. Interesting, true. What do you mean by the barcode reader software?

  3. Its a bunch of lines that when scanned in a certain way can decode certain information. eg. in the grocery store checkout they scan the barcodes on the prdoucts to return the price.

  4. I know that, what do you mean my the barcode reader on mobile phones? On what phones do they come on?

  5. They come ont he new nokia phones. You use place the phone's camera in fornt of the barcode, and the information in the barcode goes to the phone.

    eg. I wanted to install fring, this is a software that lets you use skype (voice and chat) as well as gmail chat, msn chat, and others on your mobile phone anywhere with wireless internet.

    the problem is that the URL is too long to type on a phone keypad, so you just scan the barcode, and the phone gets the url to install the software.