Thursday, November 1, 2007

Explaining Govermental Schools

I'm trying to explain to my friend why govermental schools here are so much different than the ones in UK.

S: but its TERRIBLY HARD to get less than 50%
S: i mean you'd have to be mentally disordered... or in a gov school
B: gov school?
S: govermental schools are horrible here
B: why?
S: because they are free the teachers and everything is really bad
B: oh i see
S: like the students are gangsters and the teachers are school drop-outs
S: lol
B: well i go to a public school
S: because in UK public schools are good
S: the goverment is strong and can fund their schools properly
B: yeah


  1. hahahaha! true about the UK, not sure about amman as i never been into one but I heard they're bad, a friend changed his school 11 times.

  2. God help those who go to public schools in Jordan, The ministry of education should give students at public schools +20 points on all tawjihi exams as a well earned bonus.

    also, on another note, Happy birthday man, o 3ogbal el 120 saneh :)

  3. I spent one year in public school. It was quite interesting, I failed in four subjects in the first semester (Ikmalat) in addition to escaping the school daily. Students used to bribe teachers with 20 packs of Cigarettes in order to pass exams.

  4. Bakkouz: maybe, but even with the 20+, some people get 10% so that won't help lol

    Bilal: Ya salaam, alot to tell Tita, she will be very happy to remember those times lol

  5. We are all waiting for some photos and some stories about Aqaba trip