Tuesday, November 20, 2007

USB 3.0, Coming In 2009

If you thought USB 2 was fast enough, meet USB 3. In 2009, the third edition to the cable series will enter the world, 10 times faster and with better power efficiency. All hail the mighty 4.8 GB/s your USB 3 will offer you.

Well, USB fans, things are going to get even more interesting and soon. USB 2.0 may be fast enough right now, but with more high-definition video products arriving and bigger and bigger files being transferred, that won't be the case forever. Enter USB 3.0, which moves the bandwidth needle from 480Mbps to roughly 4.8Gbps, 10 times faster than the current version.

The new standard, which was recently demonstrated using a new optical cable (but the same connector), will be backward compatible with older USB formats and promises better power efficiency, too, in order to decrease the load on portable devices. Possibly in the works: Better ability to charge devices over USB, some of which still require an A/C adapter or two USB connections to draw enough juice.

Specs are planned to be delivered early next year with commercial availability for 2009. Just do us a favor and clearly label USB 3.0 products with an appropriate logo this time! (USB 2.0 got caught up in a mini scandal when vendors started labeling USB 1.1 products as "USB 2.0 capable," with vendors later claiming they only meant the products worked with USB 2.0 connections. Fail!)


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  1. Its about time. All those so called IPOD/Zunes/Zens multimedia players that claim to play both mp3s and movies are pretty useless without USB3 since USB2 is just too slow to transfer videos.

    Its like USB1 was for MP3s, I remember because i ahd the very first MP3 player ever made, adn it took a rediculous amount of time to transfer just 10 songs. Now I transfer a 500 without giving it a second thought.