Saturday, November 3, 2007

To Aqaba, And Back!

Went on Friday, came back Saturday. [pictures in a later post]

-- In the car, Friday

We all packed our stuff, which actually fitted in one suitcase. We then got in our Kia Carens, our great 7-seater car, and off we went on a 3 hour drive. I kept day dreaming all the way of the small TVs that fit into the car, and how you could attach the PS2 to them. Ah, bliss. We stopped half way to climb some mountains and move our legs a little bit. Took a few photos then we sped off to Aqaba.

-- At the hotel, Friday

We took half an hour trying to find the hotel, then we found it. Our rooms where not ready yet so my dad sat down & as usual started working on his laptop & found a signal from the hotel which you can use free of charge. I thought of blogging from the hotel about the trip, but I was too busy. Sorry lol.

-- In our room, Friday

I started unpacking, then looked around the room. The mini bar, that awful suction of money, was there. The bathroom was OK, even though the smell at first was nasty. The balcony had nice views of some mountains in the back, although at night the restraunt nearby played horrible music even late at night when I was trying to watch Half past dead on MBC Action. >:D Anyway, I took out the PS2 & plugged it in to the horribly old TV. I can't live without my PlayStation! I played for a bit then it was time to eat.

-- In Ali Baba, Friday

My parents said that Ali baba was a popular place even though i did not find it totally tasty. The fish was quite good even though nobody in Jordan has deep fried fish like I want it. I also had to take Rawhi outside & entertain him (i.e Chase him in a busy street while oldies drinking Argeeleh laughed). Meanwhile, my brother (second after me) Omar was busy inside plucking the fish's eyeballs out!! More about Omar in another post.

-- On the beach, Friday night

After the restaurant we went for a walk on the beach. It was crowded with people who were sitting on plastic chairs watching football on big screens. We kept walking until we found an "almost" empty spot & we played for a bit. The beach was full of stones & hard to walk on but the water was cool & nice. Some people took their plastic chairs to the water & just sat there!! We stayed for a bit then walked back to the hotel & bought some chocolate on the way :)

-- Southern beach, Saturday

We had a great breakfast served by the hotel, then drove to a further beach that was apparently much better than the one we went to yesterday. It was much better, and this time the sun had come out and the water was quite warm. Even though the sand was full of cigarettes and glass, the water was great. We bought young Rawhi a float, and while we were at sea, his float turned upside down and he started to drown. I quickly came to rescue poor Rawhi, but he refused to go back into the water again.

-- Flooka Restaurant, Saturday

This was our last stop, this place's fish was better than Ali Babas fish, in my opinion. All the family disagreed but I liked the fillet with the sauce that came with it. I will stick with my opinion. We then went straight to the car, because the hotel didn't want us anymore (how dare they?!). This time we didn't stop, kept going till we went home, then went to bed immediatly. :(

All in all I liked the trip. Good experience to visit Aqaba for the first time. What was your opinion of Aqaba?


  1. Sounds like fun! Wish I could go to Aqaba and have some fun!

  2. الحمد الله على السلامة
    شكلها كانت أيام جميلة
    كانت أحلى أيام عندي لما كنا نروح على العقبة إحنا صغار
    بدنا نشوف طاطا زهو بالميه

  3. wow Khaled, sounds like so much fun, can't wait for the pictures :)

  4. I never went to aqaba, everytime we plan to go with family we fight and argue about all the details and end up temporarily not speaking to one another so the trip never happens.

    Glad you liked it!