Monday, November 26, 2007

Why Household Hacker Is a Liar

If you think that anything these nutters at Household Hacker is true, then you are mentally disordered. Worse yet, if you try to do one of their experiments and regret what you just did, then you should jump off a cliff now to end your misery.

In this post, I'm going to explain why two videos (the most popular ones, by the way), are absolute fakes. These two are "Power Your TV With An AAA Battery", and "Charge Your Ipod With An Onion".

Case Number 1: Power Your TV with an AAA Battery

This one was obviously a fake from the beginning. Its impossible, even logically, to believe a TV would run on 1.5V, when it originally runs on 110V - 240V. This video is fake for 3 reasons...

1) 1.5V doesn't equal 240V, and it will never equal 240V. Even if we used a device that controls voltage, 1.5V AC won't work (duh!), as I tried so in the picture below.

2) A TV works on AC, or Alternating Current, which comes from your mains plug. A battery is DC, or Direct Current, which won't work with a TV. This is because DC only flows in one direction, whereas AC flows in both directions.

3) A battery does not have enough amps to run a TV. A TV needs about 200 watts. If W = C x V, then the equation would become 200W = 0.91A x 220V, and we'd need 0.91 amps to run a TV. A battery's amps are usually in milliampere, or 1/1000 of an amp. Via Qwaider...

[...] And finally the TV needs about 200watts (That's called power) Power is calculated as: current x voltage. So to achieve 200Watts you will need 220v*0.91a(amper)=200w
usually the current of the battery is in the Milli amper. Or 1/1000 of an Amper.

Conclusion: Fake.

Case Number 2: Charge Your Ipod With An Onion

This, by its name, seemed a bit true. When I actually saw the video, I completely changed my mind. The most thing I laughed at was how he pushed the USB in, how stupid is that? This is a fake, for 2 reasons...

1) You can't just stick a USB into an onion to get power. Law says that if you want to extract power from anything, you need two different metals. The most commonly used are zinc and copper, as seen in the picture below. Just sticking in a USB plug into a onion isn't going to get you any power, because a USB plug doesn't contain two different metals, unless I'm wrong. A user on Gizmodo commented:

Any sort of primary cell (i.e. not chargeable) and many secondary cells require that the two electrodes be different materials (e.g. carbon/zinc, copper/zinc, nickel/cadmium, etc). The only thing being used to connect the onion to the iPod is the USB plug, presumably with the plug contacts being the electrodes. All of the plug contacts will be the same material.

2) It was tested to see if it let out any voltage, by a user on Youtube called Razorfish. Unfortunately, he has embedding disabled so click on the picture below to see the video. The voltage measured from an onion was 0.005V, which is negligible. Therefore, an onion with a USB stuck in it and dipped in a drink does not charge your Ipod.

Conclusion: Fake.

Now you see how any old crap on the internet can find its way, because the users on Youtube/Metacafe are idiots. Well, most of them. :D


  1. That's a very good analysis Khaled, Bravo 3alaik

    Now, can you clean up the text from insults? 3aib to use words like idiots, and mentally disordered ...

  2. what do you mean by 3aib?? Khaled uses these words to address his brother & sister all the time. It's just another way of showing affection. Right Khaled?

  3. ok just like to point out that 110V AC can't be compared to 1.5volts DC,
    actually that kinda discredits your whole argument from there.
    but i'll move on, there is no rated ampage for a dry cell because the current depends on the resistance of the device, and the ampage is inversely proportional to how long it lasts, so it just means it will last less. but there is a limit to how quickly it can discharge and usually when dealing with finite sources you measure it with watts-hour
    you can't use P=IV on AC current ... it just doesn't work that way.
    conclusion you need to go over some simple circuits physics again or actually try it before you say something you don't quite comprehend.

    you did a better job on the next one tho, anyways if it does work then you can say bye bye to your usb because the generation will corrode it.

    anyways they are probably fake, but whats important is the reasoning rather than ascribing answers

  4. Qwaider: Thanks, and no sorry.

    Mona: Hmm yes...

    No Angel: Ok then.

  5. No_Angel: "You can't use P=IV on AC current "
    Emmm, sort of true
    But.. Battery is DC so it DOES apply.
    1.5v to generate 200 watts you need .... 133.33Amps .. And mind you there is no AC generating circuit here or anything

    Now lets take this from AC point of view. Since most devices are rated in Watts this mean that P=I^2/R or E^2/R (not taking into account reactive power)
    so 200w=220^2/x which means R=242Ohm. So you will need 242*I^2=200w in other words I=0.9Amp pr exactly what I calculated previously
    Now this is only the Power not reactance which will require MORE current to compensate for it.

    The apparent power will always be the same. S=IE = I^2Z = E^2/Z where Z is the Impedance.

    And No_Angel, you can't expect a 13 year old to know Circuits!

  6. No one hates fake scientists more than anything I hate those Household idiots! flipping morons, they need to be slapped, losers!

  7. Fuck dem muddafuckas. Ya unnastan me

  8. Can't anyone take a joke? We all know Household Hacker is pulling a big prank on the technologically deficient people of the world. Let's all sit back and smile at the people who really think their paper plate speakers won't work because their penny isn't shiny enough. :)

  9. Household hacker is just a dumbed down version of actual science. I've made a few basic speakers out of various scraps found in the garbage at school, so the concept of making wonderous electronics out of basic everyday items isn't so far fetched. But the degree of simplification is where H.H. goes wrong.

    I still find that their christmas light display works fairly well. They've just left out a few small details that an intelligent inherently knows about...

  10. this is one of the moms.. you can bet my HHH has a high IQ.. certified... k?? now quit ur bi---ing

  11. Bravo!
    Unfortunately, there are lots of people that doesn't know anything about electricity or physics and believes any lame hoax from the household sucker.

  12. I tried his DVD fix with peanut butter, toothpaste, coke, and baking soda which worked for me...

  13. Heh, his videos are actually pretty funny. They make you think "really" and then you catch yourself when you realize how implausible they really are.

  14. all the normal people in this room put your hands in the air and scream! ........silence.......some people need a life

  15. dude you just say that because u are not good at it. so why wont you jump off a cliff. and then survive. HA!

  16. I really dislike people like Household Hacker who post fake DIYs. It somewhat kills the purpose.

  17. JimBobBillyGoatPOOPOctober 5, 2009 at 11:30 PM

    The thing is, all the videos they have that have to do with elctronics and science are fake. But some of the videos are ok like "how to hack any flash game" and "How to cheat on any test" are fine. But if anybody, ANYBODY, says kipkay is fake, thats impossible beuse is videos are pretty logical and he demonstrates most stuff. But watch daneboes how tos. God their fake. He said money will come out a calculator? wtf?