Friday, November 9, 2007

9th November, And Other Days

Bombs In Jordan

Two years ago on this date 3 hotels were targeted by suicide bombers causing the death of many innocent people. We'd only been living in Jordan for 3 months then, so I really didn't know were the hotels where and how close or far they were from our house. The following day there was no school, but when we returned school was bustling with gossip of what had happened, and because the Iraqis were blamed for the bombings, any Iraqi boy at school was laughed at and discriminated against. That day I remembered quite alot of other bombings, and I am posting to tell them to you.

Explosions In London

The incident brought back memories of the London bus & train bombings the year before. I was in 6th Grade at the time & our headteacher came to the class & said that everything was alright, except that people going home by bus had to contact their parents. Many innocent people died on that day, including Muslims. All days later were frightening, and whenever I got onto a bus or train, I was always terrified. I really hope that a day will come when we all feel safe in our houses & schools, but I guess that day will never come.

Gunfire In Palestine

I was in Nablus visiting my grandmother 3 years ago. I went with my uncle to his office, which was in the heart of the city, also know as 'al-Balad'. People who have visited the place know that its the most place gunfire is likely to be. I looked from the balcony, down onto the street which was supposed to be full and bustling with life. Instead I saw shop owners throwing, and I mean throwing, everything back into the shop. Cloth racks were crammed inside the shop and containers of clothes were hurled inside. At first I thought the guy was closing, but then I saw everyone on the street doing the same thing. The shop owners then got inside their shops and locked up. I asked my uncle what was happening, and he said that the army is coming. He seemed so normal saying that, I started shaking. A few minutes later, quite immense gunfire sounded. It was like on TV, just much louder. Sound bombs followed, then silence, then more gunfire and sound bombs. At the end of what seemed years, we left the building and went back home.

That's all I have about my experience with terror, but I think that's more than enough! Now, tell me about your experiences and comment!


  1. Yes, that is a lot of terror to have experienced in your young life. May that last one be the end of all you experience.