Friday, November 9, 2007

Electricity In Our Phone Line!

It might be true, I have to try it. Free electricity seems cool, even though I don't think Jordan Telecom would like it, but who cares about their feelings? :D

I think the equipment can be bought from RadioShack, but I'll have to wait till my dad comes back from holiday, because I can't understand the diagram. I'm sure he will.

What do you think? Will it work in Jordan? And will you be willing to try it?


  1. Of course there is electricity on the phone line. But it's not enough to power say .. a TV (unless it's one of those ultra tiny LCD models) Maybe you can power up your iPod from it :)
    The phone line has 2 signals on it. a 50v(actually 48) DC current and a carrier signal that carries our voice.
    The ring signal is any 88volts and anywhere between 15 and 75 hz. (AC)

    Oh and I wouldn't call that free since you will be paying phone charges anyway. Pull a little more current than you should. And your line will be out of commission

  2. Thanks for this info. In Israel it works the same.

    Greetings from Israel :)