Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thy Will Not Mod

It’s almost a month since I got my Xbox 360. And the idea of not getting to play on it is killing me.

The problem is, it just won’t it3adel (become modded to play copied games). This is what many shops have told me and some other new 360 owners as well. I went from Al-Gardens to Amman Mall to Sweifieh. All of them told me the same thing, since it is a new version that can’t be modded at the moment and I’ll have to wait, maybe a week or month, till a method of modding comes out for these ‘new’ versions.

So I wait. I borrowed an original game that came with my friends Xbox, Forza Motorsport 2, but after a month of playing with it, it got a bit boring. I really am fed up at having to wait, maybe even more months, like another shop told me. One shop told me there was a chance of it never being modded. Of course I rejected that claim.

And now the Xbox is in my cupboard, above my desk, until something happens. Meanwhile, I have some other – maybe – plans to do if it still isn’t modded after a month. And that is the PC.
PC gaming has become rather popular these days. With the PC always being ahead of consoles, it always takes the lead – for those who have the money and the time of course. Building a computer is easier said than done.

My fellow friend, Yazan, reverted to PC gaming long ago. He had invited us over to his house, a few days ago, for iftar - mansaf, of course. Regardless of what we ate, I tried a go at his computer on a game well known to the gaming industry as Crysis.

Probably having one of the best graphics and a unique design and game play, Crysis turns out to be one great game. Now, the possibilities of me turning to PC gaming are rather good, but I will have to see if the Xbox can be modded or not, in the coming month.

For now, I’ll stick to other sources of entertainment. Oh, and studying, of course.


  1. If you really want someone to build a pc for you, I can recommend a company.

    It's called (Al-Khuyool). It's in swifieh, close to 6th circle there's a KFC, behind the KFC across the street is a mobile phone place (khalawi shop), above the khalawi shop is (al khuyool).

    They built a really nice machine for me gigabyte mobo, (core 2 Quad) with 4GB ram, and 2*500GB HD, 1GB Nvidea graphics, excellent gigabyte rocket cooling fan, and gigabyte case.

    Anyway if you can't pay the price up front they can set it up in monthly payments provided either of your parents have a steady job.

    Good luck

  2. dude!! i want to get the xbox 360 from dubai and its not modded!
    so i need to know what happened with u?!
    i mean do they still dont know how to mod the new versions of xbox yet?!

  3. Ayz: You can get it, but until now there isn't a mod for it. But be optimistic, you can get some good original games until they find out some way to mod. Read my latest post on the subject.

  4. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?