Sunday, November 2, 2008


I really hate spenders, careless spenders who God has blessed them with money and they just take it a little too far. Here is an account of a 5aroof - sheep - that I wrote as in first person, for the entertainment value.

I am a sheep.

I never save a penny since all the money will do is collect dust. I must spend everything I get, but it must be all for me. All I do when I enter a shop is buying, even if I don’t need it, and when I buy a book I judge it by its cover. I love gimmicks. If I find something that looks good, I will buy it. I don’t care if I need it or not, since I have too much money and too much things to buy. I usually end up using the product for a while then throwing it away, or just putting it in the bin from the beginning.

I am overweight but I have no clue as to why I am, even though I eat everything under the sun. My ideal outing would be running around a mall to watch a movie in the cinema and eating all the overpriced popcorn, then eat way too much from an expensive junk food branch, then run around a bit more trying to find more places to spend money on. I must spend all the money in my pocket that night; otherwise I will suffer from severe depression, for some reason.

I always get the most expensive choice of item even though I probably don’t know what makes one item better than the other. My television is extra flat and large, and I have every subscription and every dish in the world, just so I can be a perfect potato couch. No evening meal is acceptable if it doesn’t have all the best courses from all around the world in extra large size, and I usually have to get a take away from an American junk food branch because home made food is not of my standards.

My favourite topics are food, money, clothes, movies, games, and many more useless topics to burn more money and waste even more time. Instead of keeping my great stories of travelling around the world and eating a truck load of chocolate, I have to tell everyone in a bragging way and despise anyone who dares to contradict me.

I feel that other people who try to save money are idiots. Why do people buy DVDs, when they can buy a cinema ticket and watch it on a very large screen with very loud sound, which makes watching a film so much better. Or why do they walk, when they can go around in expensive cars with low mileage for so little energy. And why do I have to see people in the same clothes? Are they so poor they can’t buy new clothes? I’m so good I never wear the same shirt twice!

How many people do you know match this description?


  1. u just took it too far
    there's nothing wrong with going to the cinema

  2. I know someone like that. I hate these type of people, they drive me crazy.