Thursday, March 12, 2009

Xbox Live

Playing on the internet with other real people is something that has revolutionised the industry of gaming. These days, multi player functionality is a must when reviewing a game, and it counts just as much as the single player part of it.

Xbox Live delivers a rather unique experience of multiplayer gaming to the Xbox gamer, and is rather different from other networks. As Xbox 360 users have their own profiles, these are used as the gamers users and are carried from game to game without any configuration.

Friends can be added to parties and clans, and from here the player can move with his party from one game to another, all under the comminucation of the headset. Voice messages can also be sent to players even when they are offline.

When out of games, the Xbox Marketplace offers a wide selection of games, videos and expansions to choose from. Game demos are always available for free and other items are bought by Microsoft Points, although I haven't tried buying anything.

All in all, Xbox Live is one essential addition to the Xbox 360 that makes it superior to the other consoles. Although I may not agree with having to pay for it, I do look forward to renewing my subscription.

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