Monday, October 6, 2008

Eid, Long Ago

I can still remember Eid long ago, when I was still in London and I was probably still an infant.

It was always the same routine but it appealed to me as much as any celebration. The night before we would all be very excited and start talking about what we would be doing tomorrow, who we would visit and who would come to us.

In the morning, I would get up excited, put on my new clothes folded neatly next to my bed the day before, then wake up my brother before going downstairs - we lived in a small two floor house at that time. The living room would be decorated with tinsel and colored lights, and we sit there waiting for our parents to come down.

A few minutes later our parents would come down, my dad holding a large bag full of 'surprise' presents, and my mum holding a video camera that would already be recording. We would start opening our presents and playing with them for a while, until it was time for the prayer.

We would get in the car with my dad and off we would go to the nearby mosque. After that it we would go and visit our uncle, maybe a few visits to some other relatives or friends, invite some to dinner, and that would be it.

It'd all be over in a day. But it was rather exciting, at that young age anyway. These days, at an age of almost fifteen - just a few more days to go tfo being a super grumpy caveman - you don't really find Eid anything more than a break from school and a money gainer. Nothing that exciting compared to maybe ten years ago.

So, how was Eid when you we're young?


  1. you said it man
    i even forgot that it was still eid when it really was

  2. Yeah, nice memories! When you're little Eid is about toys, presents and food. As you get older, either you lose interest & it becomes just another date in your social calender OR you try to do your best in Ramadan so Eid becomes your reward for all the hard work in Ramadan.

  3. sure it was more exiting when i was a kid, .. you can sureprise Shaima2 and Rawhi at eid.. that will be great when you make someone happy just like you felt one day , try it :)