Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Visit From Kinzi

I guess my mother had been trying to plan this almost a year ago, but neither of us could get to it because either one was too busy. To be honest, last year was a very busy and hectic year, and although this year is destined to be even worse and yet more stressful, me and my great mother decided we would use the last day of the mid year holiday to invite Kinzi to our house, in return for our visit last year.

To sum it up, the visit was a great opportunity to meet another blogger and to practice my English. I must say I have a rather strange British accent that I can seem to understand but will only work well in England. It was funny that we didn't talk much about blogging, and the subjects went from school exams to scouts events. Nevertheless, I enjoyed meeting Kinzi and her family alot.

And of course, no visit would be complete without me and Spikekid trying our hardest to socialise, Kinzi's eldest son that is just a year younger than me. You must understand that at the teenage age it is much easier to talk through an Xbox 360 controller than through words. Even though, it was much fun fighting terror on Rainbow Six Vegas with another teenager. Grunt, grunt.


  1. LOL, I should post my version of the visit too!

    Truly, your mom is delightful and I'm sorry if we didn't let you get a word in edgewise. Ooopps!

    I do have a hard time understanding proper English;esp when spoken by a 14 year old still getting used to his new voice. Just like I have a hard time with my 13 year old's American accent with his new voice. :S

    (Ooops, hope I didn't mortify you!!! Isn't that what aunties are for?)

    so WHERE is the Lemon Cake recipe?

    Greet the siblings for me, and hug your mama!

  2. Kinzi: 15 year old, actually! And the lemon cake recipe will be posted soon, because my mum made one today. :)