Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beginning Lost

After the delay of the television series Prison Break until this spring, I didn’t have something to anticipate for each week. It was fun downloading and seeing a new episode every Tuesday, and now I decided I had to change to another series to get addicted to.

I had always heard of the show Lost, I'd seen it on MBC Action and I had read about it on the internet. But I never had the chance to actually see it from the beginning. So today I went ahead and downloaded the first four episodes. Luckily with my new internet speed, one episode is on my computer in less than half an hour.

To sum up what I've learnt about the series, you can say it all begins with a plane crashing in mid air onto a large island in the middle of nowhere. After the first few days after the crash, the remaining survivors begin to realise that they're being searched for in the wrong place.

That's not it, but the thoughts of surviving on the island become a major part of the survivors lives, as well as discovering the secret of the mysterious island the plane landed into. What's also a part of the series is the flashbacks it shows which characterize each survivor.

Although I am still in the beginning of the series, I am enjoying it a lot, maybe not as much as the first episodes I saw of Prison Break, but still much entertaining and thrilling. Also, the fact that this show is now in its fifth season is reassuring that its a success.


  1. Man, LOST is just great. Its the best thing i ever saw in my life. The writer and the directer are geniuses!!!!

    I have seasons 3 and 4 on DVD do don't download them when u finish 1 and 2, And its gets better season by season.