Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pictures From Nablus

I have always had a passion for photography, even when being far from good quality cameras. This journey I borrowed a rather good digital camera from my relatives to take a few pictures from around Nablus. Some relatives have also acknowledged my talent in photography and suggest some great places to go to, to get better views of the city, such as the last photo. And as a side note, remember to pray for Gaza.


  1. يازلمة منشان الله صورلي بيت جدي من بره ومن جوه أرجوك..واذا ممكن الشارع اللي همه عايشين فيه

  2. Bilal: 2nd & 3rd pictures :)
    2nd one is the original gate for the house (been there as long as I can remember)
    3rd one are the steps leading up to my aunt's house which was were grandad lived as well - that part was built in the early 80s