Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blogging From Nablus

One year has passed since I last went to the city of Nablus, West Bank, Palestine. This morning our family set out early in the morning to the bridge between Jordan and the West Bank. At first I was reluctant to go, I didn't want to leave my holiday behind.

And my Xbox 360 games were far away from finished. But that's another post. I had originally wanted to bring the Xbox with me, but then the Israelis would think it was a Qassam rocket launch pad or something.

I had originally purposed that I could go with my father to Britain, my place of birth and country for eleven years, instead of going to Nablus once again. Dad thought the idea was ridiculous and once he started on his we-haven't-got any-money lecture for me to go as well, I knew I had no hope.

By the way, according to the Israeli's, I'm officially a suspicious person: male, fifteen and Palestinian. I got asked my age at every check point and was asked to 'wait on a chair' as my family got their papers back at the border.

Thirty minutes later I was called and my mobile phone and passport were searched and wiped with some strange brush. Did they think I was hiding something in my passport?

Also, at one of the check points, the soldier asked the taxi driver.
Soldier: Are you hiding rockets?
Driver: No!
Soldier: Don't lie! Do you have rockets?
Driver: What do I need rockets for?!
Soldier: Just joking. Off you go!

I hope to keep you posted like last year, with more pictures as well.


  1. Haha stupid guards...what kind of joke is that?

  2. LOL:) A funny soldier, i like the joke.