Sunday, April 12, 2009

Enigma Desktop

There have been many radical changes in the way desktops are now compared to what they used to be when operating systems with graphical interfaces first came out. To name a few, there are now minimalistic desktop setups that focus on performance, and realistic desktops that make it look as if it were a real desktop.

But what about imformative desktops, desktops that have more functionality than just serving as a shortcut storage or your computers launchpad. There are many desktops that offer this but in my opinion one outstands them all, and this is the Enigma skin for the desktop enhancement application Rainmeter.

Whats so great about this desktop is that it combines functionality with elegance, where many other desktops have failed in doing so. It serves customisable widgets that you can place wherever you like on your desktop. I've customized my setup so I can see my three favourite RSS feeds, can launch a few programs, check the weather or time, check my system settings, and more.

This freedom of choice is what makes it unique. The setup of the Enigma skin isn't so simple though, even with the instructions file included, so I've written a simple step guide on how to get the desktop up and running on your computer.

First of all, download the Enigma skin here. After that, download the Rainmeter program here. Install it but make sure its not currently running. Then launch the setup file in the Enigma folder to install it. Now launch Rainmeter, and right click its icon in the taskbar, selecting Configs, Enigma, Welcome, Home.ini.

If you want things straightforward and prefer a premade setup, copy the file Preview.ini, in the Enigma subfolder, Templates. Replace C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Rainmeter.ini with this template, making sure you overwrite it by renaming Preview.ini to Rainmeter.ini. Rainmeter must not be open when you do this.

The wallpaper I used can be found here. I just edited the top so my launcher fits in properly. And if you use this, leave a comment. Enjoy!

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