Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Has Obama Done

Its been almost one hundred days since Barack Obama came into power, but what has he really done. I found this article online that summaries what the president has accomplished since he came into power.

* * *

First off the economy, when Obama put $787 billion into trying to rescue the economic system. He also put $23 billion into climate change, and he claims to be aiming for renewable energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Guantanamo is set to be closed, one of the best decisions Obama has taken since he came into office according to critics. He has also banned all forms of torture and released reports which were written in the post-9/11 era of Bush.

He has determined the date to finally pull out troops from Iraq, as August 2010. He also offered Iran a new beginning in terms of its current viewpoint from Western societies and their leaders, but little has been achieved yet.

* * *

What about my opinion? What do I think Obama has done to the world?

We can look at it this way - what Obama has done outside the United States is mostly words not deeds. Although, maybe one hundred days is not enough to turn words into actions. Many critics say that what Obama thought he could achieve and what he now believes he can achieve and far apart.

* * *

What about what the world thinks on what Obama is trying to achieve?

First, a pro opinion from Grahame Smedley, France:

I think he is an honest man with his feet on the ground and an understanding of the ordinary man in the street and the poor image the USA had in world politics under the Bush administration. He needs a strong and loyal team at his side. I think he has got the majority of countries support in the world. He is a breath of fresh air and I give him 5 stars so far and wish him luck.

Then, a rather harsh con opinion from Kevin, USA:
For everyone's grandiose praise of his presidency and his talking of bipartisanship he has accomplished nothing and is actually even worse he tries to bully the opposition with a grand mandate which isn't true. He won 52% to 48% that is not a grand mandate. The country is bitterly divided and he is the main reason why. He is trying to socialize or even worse bring a form of communism to our country. He doesn't like to be labeled but that is how a lot of people see it.
And now, what do you think? What do you think Obama has really achieved since he first came into power?


  1. Welcome back to blogging! Wow, what a first topic!

    I'm not excited, but not despairing

    Lots of wonderful words being spoken.

    Lots of grand vision.


    No change in Middle Eastern foreign policy

    Lots of plans with no details

    Lots of unfilled cabinet posts

    No overhaul of the legal system

    My kids will be saddled with debt unspeakable.

    Lacking in hope, and way TOO much change, in my opinion, dismantling foundations of what made our country great: personal responsibility, initiative, and creativity. Creating a welfare state of governmental intervention.

  2. Thank you Kinzi.

    Yes, you are right. I believe Obama went into power at about the worst time ever.

    An economic crisis, torture accusations, troops in many countries, etc.

    But I think he can get alot solved. He needs more than a hundred days to be judged.

    Maybe a year would suffice. =)

  3. Yes, Khaled, it was a bad start for him. I'm just hoping that he hasn't bitten off more than he can chew. Momentum is hard to stop once initiated.

    But, that is why I am not despairing. It is only 100 days our of four years.

    One of my main concern is the Freedom of Choice Act. This will force taxpayers pay for abortions upon demand and force doctors to perform abortions who have moral objections to it.