Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jordan TV

Jordan's first radio broadcasts were received from other countries in the Middle East. Transjordan (as it was then called), did not adopt a radio service of its own until 1948. Radio Jordan first broadcast in 1956. Today it broadcasts a 24 hour Arabic service, as well as an English language service for 21 hours per day and a French language service for 13 hours per day.

That would be the definition of Jordan TV on Wikipedia. However, the Jordanian TV, in my honest opinion, is a television that was once loved, probably at the time when satellites were still stuck in the West and had not reached us, and is no longer watched as it used to be. As most people will know, at that time most people watched it and it was probably a channel worth watching at that time.

But maybe they somehow got stuck in that period. Do you know how many people still watch Jordan TV daily, maybe even weekly? Most people watch the Jordanian channel because they have no other option, ie. not having a satellite dish. But nowadays most people have a satellite dish and will stay away from Jordan channel.

Why is this? Why would the major channel, and sometimes regarded as the only channel for Jordan on many online television websites, be watched by so little of the country's population. There are many reasons, they begin with lack of content, lack of quality, lack of funding, and lack of motivation.

I'd like to toss a few points and suggestion that I believe could turn the tables on how people view Jordan TV as it is. A major disclaimer to anyone who is highly patriotic that he does not believe our country should change for the better, please don't take these suggestions the wrong way.

  • Ask the country. It'd be rather stupid to ask the viewers since they are so little, so ask the country's citizens. What would they want to see on their national television. These suggestions should be taken into consideration.
  • Informative, Arabic news. We don't need neither English nor French news briefs. Make news reports that talk about Jordanian events that people would like to see. And not all the news needs to be political.
  • Get a proper graphical design. My god, Jordan TV's graphical design is so bad its like it was made overnight. Can't the channel invest in a big company to design at least a new layout for them?
  • Enough with the soap operas. Who still needs to watch some stupid dramas on Jordan TV? Even those who love that sort of thing will turn to MBC4 to watch something dubbed from Turkish. More documentaries, less pointless dramas.
  • Carry on were ATV failed. If it had actually been allowed to air, ATV would be a wonderful channel to watch. It had new, interesting ideas that were both creative and informative. Although, ATV was supposedly to start its test channel in January 2009.
  • Get a proper source of income. Anyone looking at Jordan TV's current state would know it was either badly motivated or lacked funding. Big companies should look into investing in Jordan TV for boths sake.
And the list goes on. What suggestions do you have to make Jordan TV better?


  1. The only time i watch jordan TV is when i want to find out if the next day is a holiday or not when it rains :S

  2. And we watch JTV when its snowing:) coz the satellite dish gets covered.

  3. the finance circumstances is the major reason khaled !

  4. true, JTV passed away more than 10 years ago. Sattelite TV stations have killed the poor fellow. Oh I remember those days when we used to watch the comedy at 8:30 and the tv shows after the 10 o'clock news. Ok Im old;)
    anyways, JTV has to be privatized as it is a disaster. who wants to see government officials at 11pm everynight discussing the tawjuhat wi mu2assasat!
    ATV was a great idea that was never born due to political corruption in this country.
    we can kiss media in Jordan goodbye