Thursday, May 21, 2009

Worsening The Islamic Image

What is it with newly converted Muslims living in the West and usually originating from Pakistan and Afghanistan, that suddenly believe they can change the world for the better with more bloodshed on innocent civilians?

All they do is either get caught and end up looking like fools or die and kill more people in the name of Islam, which has nothing to do with what they do. The problem is, Islam is always the blame for not only them but also the ignorant and biased media.

Ever since September 11th, terrorism has been linked with Islam. Its like they are really just different words for the same meaning. At least this is what the media makes everyone believe, brainwashing millions of viewers with carefully selected phrases that have catastrophic results.

The thing is, why do uneducated Muslims really believe they can turn the world for the better by blowing up a few buildings or smuggling illegal weapons into countries? When compared together, peaceful preaching really has much better results than violence.

Many people have been tricked into believing that the only way out is to fight. This is wrong, and what this does is make the image of Islam worse and lessen the chance of any change in the world. Even more prejudice towards Muslims.

With all this said, here is the extract from an article that came out this morning, about an attempt by uneducated people to cause more terror in the American society and effectively everywhere else in the world. Commenting on this situation is highly appreciated.

Four men have been arrested over alleged plots to attack targets in New York, US prosecutors say.

They planned to blow up a synagogue and use Stinger missiles to bring down military planes at an airport north of the city, a statement said.

The men were arrested after agreeing to buy missiles and explosives in an undercover operation.

New York has been on alert for a new terror assault since the 9/11 attack claimed by al-Qaeda militants.

Officials summarised the main charge against the four men as a conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction within the United States.

They are to appear in court on Thursday in White Plains, and face from 25 years to life imprisonment if found guilty.


  1. pakistani and afghanistani individuals are muslim to begin with and aren't really converted by the norm and the other thing is that the plotters and terrorists are usually fairly well educated individuals ... so sowy, just to top things up you need to acknowledge the parts of islam that call for acts of such nature and deal with them rather than just say its the religion of peace and ignore a lot of what islam has in it in terms of spreading the dominance ...thats my 2 qirsh

  2. Khaled, thanks for mentioning this. Many Muslims have grown tired of standing against such acts in print.

    Many such converts are from prisons and are in dire need of mentoring and re-programming.

    You are my kind of Muslim. You and Bambam.

  3. hmmm kinzi ? me ? I'm confused