Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Work Space

This is my desk, my own space in life. The large glossy laptop in the middle is actually my mothers, she lends me it when I do heavy duty things that need modern computers, like all the Adobe collection. Its connected to an old 150gb hard drive I got passed down from my dad, when he bought a much newer one. There is also the wireless mouse, not mine - it came with my mums laptop.

And, the silver tiny laptop, the Sony Vaio, is mine. Its closed on purpose for the camera, when opened you will realise its a mess. It was passed down from my mother, who got it passed down from my father. By the time it got to me, all the keyboard keys have been plucked out, the webcam no longer works, the screen is rather rigid and only moves a few degrees, and the outer casing is half broken - also bare in mind the laptop is about three or four years old.

I, being the less fortunate one, had to reformat the laptop, restore a few things to it and clean it before I could use it. Moving on, the dotted box to the right of the laptop is my latest DIY. I found some old, broken speakers lying around the house, so I took them apart and fixed them and fitted them into a perfume box. Behind them are the entire Alex Rider series - yes, I read books. To the far left side are many worksheets and notebooks from last year.

Up on the shelf, starting from the left, is my dictionary, a few books and some spare batteries, an old broken microscope, more books and dictionaries, a large stack of CDs, and my old past papers and textbooks from last year as well. And this, is just about my desk. Broken utopia. Stay tuned for part two, my cupboard (storage, not clothes). Oh, and anyone wanting to take a photo of their workspace and talk about it is more than welcome to.


  1. Were you expecting me to photo it in its normal state?

    All you would make out would be crumbled paper and empty Mountain Dew bottles.

    I'm awaiting your own workspace post. :)

  2. Very nice! Couldn't recognize it at first ;)
    I remember that by the end of exams it looked like a scene from a bomb blast :) :)
    I wonder how long it would stay in this state??!

  3. It's already starting to fall apart.

  4. I did mine a while ago. There was a desk tag going around. kept it in it's natural state.

  5. HAHA :D
    Here is mine, i did it a while ago, still looks the same.

  6. Garfan: I like your natural state! But no shafraat or ganwaat or imwaas, why??

    Nizo: Yes I read that one some time, and I liked your room makeover (especially the TV).

  7. I keep those in the car under the seats!

  8. Oh~ I see Anthony Horowitz. Awesome writer. :D