Saturday, August 1, 2009

Barbarians Amongst Us

When intelligent people tell Jordanian village idiots they are ill mannered and act like barbarians, they consider them a traitor to the Kingdom and turn berserk. However, I must say that the Jordanian citizen is a disrespectful person who has no manners even to host his wedding party in a civilized way. This barbarian that dared to live next to us set up his tent in the middle of a damn junction, almost blocking it.

To make things even worse, the pig and his minions kept dancing with very loud music until midnight while the neighborhood was trying to sleep. These types of people do not deserve to live amongst other mannered, civilized people. They should be stoned to death, in public, while naked, and their corpses made into shawerma and fed to taxi drivers.

Besides, what type of a wedding would dancing your head off while your ear drums malfunction? My wedding would consist of a 60 inch flat screen television hooked up to large speakers and a Xbox 360. My friends and I would play continuously for the entire night while sitting on large sofas, guzzling down gallons of Mountain Dew and eating cheesecake. Young men only, women will have to go shop till they drop or go and catch up on the latest gossip. Now that's my type of wedding!


  1. When intelligent people tell Jordanian village idiots they are ill mannered
    هي عنصرية

  2. Actually they were celebrating the tawjihi result of one of the shabab. You should've got a shot of the DJ & his HUGE speakers!!
    Bless their unlimited energy, those guys danced non stop from 7p.m till 11p.m!!

  3. That would be an awesome wedding!
    *bows down and takes out xbox controller from pocket* Khalid, will you marry me? :D

    ''and their corpses made into shawerma and fed to taxi drivers.''
    HAHA, whats up with you and taxi drivers?

    btw, i really don't dare write such things about other people, you might just put yourself in unnecessary trouble.

  4. Khaled, that comment about taxi drivers almost made me choke on my coffee!

    Remember: forgive, forgive, forgive, then you will not become bitter.

    Mona, I can't believe this was all about Tawjihi! WHAT WILL HAPPEN when the wedding does come? shut down the neighborhood?

  5. you couldn't report this guy since he blocked the junciton ?

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  7. Hamede: و يهدف للإضرار بالوحدة الوطنية

    Mona: If only they used they're super powers in more useful fields, like actually studying and getting a respectable grade.

    Nizo: I knew you'd love the wedding. We need to match up again in Cod4 and kill more noobs. Btw, if you've been search for the word taxi on my blog, you'll find I absolutely adore them!

    Kinzi: I laughed myself when I read the post again. I'm a rather good comedian myself, hehe. And as for forgiving, I am trying very hard but people like them make it painful!

    Hb: I wish I could, but (rather conveniently) they didn't close the junction completely (observe second photo closely). If they had, I would've personally lobbed large rocks at them from my rooftop.