Monday, August 17, 2009

Jordanian Sidewalks Fail

Because olive trees permanently reside there.

Because people find them useful for dumping their rubbish.

Because they are where the government decides to place lamp posts.

Because trash bins have been placed on them.

Because barbarians decide to use them as personal garages.

Because a very clever person placed his tanker on it.

Ironically, I took all these photos on the street from my house to the local corner shop.


  1. Sidewalks themselves are designed in a very idiotic way, And there comes the things you mentioned to make them look even more stupid.

    God help us

  2. Ali: Here in Jordan, we believe in Every man for himself!

  3. nice post courtesy of my phone :D

  4. Nizo: He ha ho mu ha ha ha he haa. And I thought my jokes were bad.

    (quote from dark knight)