Saturday, October 3, 2009

Names Around The House

Here around the house we usually have names for each other. Coming from a British background we tend to have strange english nicknames between us in our family, that come from their actions to others. Obviously no one gives a nickname to himself but other siblings give them nicknames.

For example, my brother is called the wind up merchant. The name means some one who is so good at annoying people he does it for a living. My brother usually makes stupid comments on just about anything and accompanies it with a cheesy grin on his face. This is usually why he has bruises on his arms.

My sister is called the miserable girl. She has just about everything yet she is so grumpy she goes around the house with the largest scowl on her face. My father usually tells her to smile but we are afraid her face might crack because she has never smiled in her life. Her scowl is usually scary because she will eat, drink and sleep with it on her face.

And I am nicknamed Kevin the teenager. If you ever watched british comedy, you will know kevin as the angry, grumpy teenager who lost the power of rational thinking, has a hunched back, and has no control of his arms. He usually yells out between grunts phrases like "I hate you", "This is so unfair", and "For gods sake". Check out the video below to see the brilliant Kevin the teenager comedy.


  1. HAHAHA!!! Your mom and I need to talk, Kevin.

    You skipped the youngest?

  2. Kinzi: We are awaiting your visit Kinzi. :D

    I skipped the youngest because I talked about him before:

  3. LOL I haven't seen that clip for a while :)
    I can relate to Kevin's parents in the sense that they 'lost' their child once he became a teenager. He's no longer the happy, innocent easy going boy they knew; he's so different that this miss having his 'old' self back.
    Shaima used to be known as 'princess of darkness' until a few months ago :) :)

  4. Hey Kevin Man. Very funny post. You know we have nicknames here in Jordan too (Abu Barabeer, or ya m3affen) or something like this.