Thursday, September 24, 2009

Parking In Jordan

We are known for double and triple parking here in Amman, but sometimes it just gets even worse, usually around prayers. This mosque, known by the people in the area as Masjid Abu Eid, is a nightmare before and after prayers. People will come and literally park their cars in the middle of the road - as in the middle of road.

To make it worse people come and begin to fill in the gaps between cars and you end up with the entire road next to the mosque blocked. Some people will even defy the purpose of pavements and park their cars on them, so pedestrians must start walking on the streets and get run over.

The imam of the mosque addresses the people many times about the subject, but he could save his breath because no one really listens and they make special excuses for themselves and do the opposite of what people tell them. Its like when they asked people to avoid kissing in Eid and everyone made sure they kissed everyone they could find.


  1. لاحول ولاقوة إلا بالله..مافيش فايدة..شعب بدو حرق

  2. Yes, I know. But what will we do?

  3. yaa the same story in the mosque near my home ,,shekloo kl ma7aal heek !! sho bednaa ne3maal !