Monday, September 21, 2009

Download Limitation

I have a 2 Mb/s connection, from Orange, which supposedly has a 12 GB monthly limitation. Strangely enough, as you can see in the picture from JDownloader, I've downloaded over 23 GB this month and my connection speed is still soaring. Its rather peculiar because service from Orange used to be very bad, until once my father called them and complained about everything to a supervisor. Now even the livebox connection always works, although the internet stops working about once a week, which is normal from Orange. Can anyone explain why I have unlimited download limitation?


  1. Weird, I have a 2mb connection as well and my internet always slows down dramatically after i finish the 12gb download limit.

    Maybe because it's EID someone forgot to set the download limit for your connection. Don't know though. I guess it's automatic.

    Have fun with your forgotten download limit. hahahaha.

  2. Coz they are stupid and they forget to activate the limit for your account..