Sunday, September 13, 2009

Helping Myself

In my household iftaar isn't always very good, it is usually what is leftover from yestarday, and I find it bland and unsatisfying. Either that, or it would be bamyeh or fasoolyeh. I always tell my dear mother to be creative when making dinner, she sometimes is and sometimes she isn't.

So sometimes I decide to go and help myself. The local corner shop is a few blocks away and I usually go there to buy a ton of stuff to feed myself. Its sort of like cavemen go to hunt for prey but in the twenty first century - although many still think of me as a caveman.

Back to the point, today was one of those days, so I went to the shop and bought myself a whole ton of food. All extremely nutritional of course, no doubt in that. I ended up spending around three or four dinars, of course my mother told me it will all go in the toliet in the end.

As seen in the photo I took, starting from left - two apple juice cartons, an Indomie packet, wafers from Eisberg, chewing gum, my favourite Kiwi and Lime juice, Galaxy chocolates, a bottle of water to avoid constipation, four ice cream bars, more fruit juices, M&Ms of course, two cheap Jordanian chocolates, and Dance biscuits.

And for those of you who think I'm fat or something, think again. All my old relatives tell me I have to get fatter for some reason and I am too weak. According to this BMI calculator I programmed myself, my Body Mass Index is 18. And if you're into that sort of stuff, I programmed it for this event.


  1. 'very nutritional' yeah right!!!
    Tomorrow you're doing the cooking to see what 'creative' stuff you'll come up with....

  2. 9a7tain :) but here is a little thought, why not cook ifatr instead of your mum for a change? maybe she is just sick of cooking? :)

  3. don't listen to people to be thin is much better than being a fat guy at least you can eat what ever you want and everybody envy you for that...( as usual) i used to hear that from people around me,since my body mass index was 19, i wish to get it back ;( healthier, by the way kiwi and lemon is my favorite juice

  4. by the way again your mom is one of the most creative people i have ever met specially in cooking!!!!! you haven't met boring cookers yet , thank God and thank ur mom!!

  5. Mona: Thank you, mother.

    Loolt: I once tried cooking and it turned out a complete disaster, never trying it again.

    Wesam: Thank you for your words of wisdom. :D